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Ivana Mrážiková

Ivana Mrážiková
Účastnice akce: DataGirls

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Bola som na prvom celodennom workshope od Czechitas a bola som velmi milo prekvapena. Už dlho som sa neocitla v tak príjemnej a po vedomostiach dychtiacej spoločnosti.

Tech Meetup: Data Science - ONLINE

During this online Tech Meetup in English Data Scientists from MSD Advanced Analytics team will work with you on two real world use-cases!


30. září 2020

18:00 — 21:00



Další informace

Délka trvání: 3h

Vstupní znalosti: Mírně pokročilí

Typ akce: MeetUp

Cena: 100


In the first use case, we will analyze impact variation of different attribution of email can have on key engagement metrics. While diving into the analytical pipeline we will focus on feature engineering, we will touch statistical analysis and implementation of results into business process as well.

In the second, independent, use-case we will enrich the dataset with records from other communication channels to compare their efficiency to promote selected product. Together we will focus on how choice of the analytical method could influence results to illustrate need for critical thinking and validation of results within data scientists work.

After successfully completing these two use cases you will understand variety of tasks data scientists face: from preparation of data, through analysis to meaningful presentation of results and have better understanding what skills productive data scientist needs to possess.

In the third part, Ondrej will describe a journey, that need to be taken when you would like to create a report from raw data. This will help you to understand the scope of Data Engineer/ BI developer work, the complexity of task and the multivariate of skillset that you need to have to be an expert in this area. Also, it should be helpful to understand different type of the roles that are needed and fit them into the bigger picture.


Who is it for?

For practionining Data Scientists or enthusiasts who are interested to see how data science tools and processes are used to solve real world use cases.

What will you try?

First part - standart analytical project with possibility to play with the code and improve the model (R language)

Second part - mathematical deep dive to certain methods

Third part - journey to build a report from raw data


What do you need to install?

R studio if you want to have hands on during the first part (optional).



Mario is a senior data scientist in Advance Analytics team with background in econometrics and statistics. He successfully led several projects in human health space always focusing on providing long term sustainable solutions to the users. He is especially strong in translating business needs to data science solutions. Before joining MSD Mario worked in ČNB and was responsible for GDP analysis and forecasting. He has a PhD from CERGE-EI.


Justina is a senior data scientist with background in statistics. Her expertise lies primarily in econometric modeling, statistics and simulation. She has applied her knowledge in wide range of projects: vaccine research, forecasting, promotion response modelling, or animal health. Justina is interested in creating data science solutions that bring value to the client, with emphasis on reusability and reproducibility. She likes to explore business challenges and suggest methodologies how to achieve desired targets using data science.


Ondrej is currently leading the Data management and Visualisation team within the Global Data Science competency. He and his team is delivering variety of analytics projects across the organization from small single person activity to huge global multi year initiatives.

Before, Ondrej was working as a technical specialist for IBM, where he was responsible for IBM Business Analytic SW across the region or was part of Deloitte Regional Data Center.

Ondrej has a economy background (University of economy in Prague). He is able to link together the IT and business aspects of the solution and so find the best way, how to deliver a value to customer.