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The Story of DataGirls

Some time ago, 3 lonely wolves met with Red Ridding Hood.

Their names are Dita Přikrylová, CEO and founder of Czechitas, Pavel Doležal, Ataxo founder, Keboola co-owner, Petr Šimeček as Keboola founder and also Vojta Roček, founder of Stories.

This was indeed a unique collaboration from the very beginning.

The idea was simple — Pavel, Petr and Vojta work in data industry and they know exactly what the market is missing and what skills are needed.

Dita studied IT university in Brno and her career started as Data Analyst, but by that time she was already working hard on creating something extraordinary — project called Czechitas — creating safe environment, where women of all age can come and educate each other in various of IT disciplines.

All together, they found a hole in the market — the lack of data analysts by that time (and still!) was abnormal so why the hack wouldn't they combine what they know the best?

This is how the story of DataGirls begins.

4-5th April 2015 will be always remembered as a start. That day Keboola and Czechitas met in one room (Pracovna) together with approximately 20 ladies.

The workshop took 2 days (Saturday and Sunday) and we must say it was challenging to keep up with all the information and ladies left tired, perhaps even exhausted. However, happy as never before.

Would like to hear some success stories and numbers? We have plenty of both!

Lenka Sikorova attended the first DataGirls workshop and guess what? Not even 2 years later, she joined the team at Keboola! Right now working for Billigence in Australia.

And I can continue — probably this time without company names — but last week I had a call with one of our customers, and another DataGirl was sitting next to him, working as Data Analyst.

It happens ALL the time! How cool is that? How many girls we already educated in terms of data analysis?


  • 2016+2017: 12 workshops in Czech Republic, 3workshops in London, 2 in Germany, 1 in Texas, 7workshops in Australia and Singapore.

# Attendees

  • 1 CZ workshop = approx 30 people!
  • Foreign countries = 1 workshop = 10 up to 50 people!
  • — Around 1000 attendees between 2015–2017!
  • Countries, cities: 7 countries, 23 cities by the end of 2017 and maybe more!
  • Sydney, Melbourne, Berlin, Munchen, London, Bratislava, Czech Republic (in 15 different cities by the end of this year!), Singapore, Austin (Texas).
  • Time: 4–8 hours long workshop


Datagirls Blog02

Let's talk about the content itself and please allow me to use one of our latest description:

“You will learn a bit about history of data visualisation and BI. We will show you how to think and evaluate the balance between beautiful pictures and working BI tool and when/where to use each one of them.

Almost 70% of BI work is actually in data preparation (extraction, cleansing and connection). This part is also hardest to learn on your own. We will focus lots of our efforts on this, so when you leave @DataGirls you know why to do it.

“Lingua franca” of data is SQL and we prepared several exercises for you as well as initital SQL script. However data is not all about data cleaning, but also about nice and meaningful visualizations. We will build our own dashboard based on marketing/sales data in GoodData and/or Tableau.“

Have you heard about Digital Academy? No? You will!

Digital Academy — from 1 day workshop presenting the logic of BI and principles of data thinking to 3 months intensive academy, that will train you into junior data analyst. MySQL, analysis, Python/R and many more.

So what makes it so special? The team and different vibes than in any other workshop I’ve been. The data community. Real life examples. No sales pitch!

Want to join us? Help us grow and deliver the best content and experience? Reach out to us!

Many thanks to our core team:

Datagirls Blog01

  • Daryna Skryl (GoodData), Denis Elantsev (ex GoodData)
  • Martin Matejka, Tomáš Ferko, Pavel Doležal, Petr Simecek, Pavel Bulowski, Vojta Kurka (Keboola Singapore), Tomáš Trnka (ex Keboola)
  • Tomáš Mátl, Tomáš Frnka, Lukáš Havránek, Markéta Veselá (Billigence)
  • Radovan Jirka, Jirka Tobolka, Tomáš Pavlík, Martin Urban (Bizztreat)
  • Petr Hamerník, Jirka Hana (Geneea)
  • Monika Kratochvílová (Kiwi)
  • Hana Radoňová (Accenture)
  • Vojta Roček
  • Yellowfin
  • Dita Přikrylová, Pavla Verflová, Lucie Jurystová (Czechitas)


- Zuzana Bednářová
Lecturer, Consultant


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Zuzana Bednářová
Lecturer, Consultant

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