From content marketing to software testing

My journey into IT was, simply put, absolutely inevitable. Don’t be scared, but the Chechitas slogan, “IT is the future. Yours too.” is as accurate as it is clear. IT is the future of us all, and looking around at the people around me, I’m starting to get the impression that we’ll all meet each other in IT sooner or later. (And it’s right to be ahead of the curve.)

Jana Zíkova, QA Engineer at Oriflame

I have always been interested in technology and even chose information and computing at grammar school as one of my subjects for the school-leaving exam. After finishing my studies in social sciences and working for two years as a researcher/project coordinator.

Some industries are now clamoring for multipotential people. Whether it's part of the IT world or marketing, people are now commonly writing and creating basic graphics and editing (even quite technically) websites - all in one job. This is a reason why I found myself in marketing.

Graduate of the Digital Academy: Testing

I then worked as a marketing specialist in a development company until my first maternity leave. I was already quite excited then and slowly moved from “writing” to SQL and simple IT analysis and other more technical things.

During my parental leave, I discovered Czechitas and their ingenious courses. I tasted some of them a few times - Datagirls, IT analysis, or a seminar on Career Transfer.

Numbers, analysis, algorithms, research, searching, writing, and collaboration... This all is testing. And what is the best? In this position, you have incredible opportunities to develop more and more new skills and slowly work your way wherever it takes you. My fingers are crossed for all of you who are drawn to IT, and my message to you: go for it!

I found a new job before the end of the Digital Academy

I was thrilled with the new Testing Academy; throughout it, it became more apparent that this was the right path for my. And it paid out. Before the end of the Academy, I applied for three jobs and ended up with three offers in hand. At the beginning of February, I joined Oriflame Software as a QA Engineer.

- Jana Zíková, QA Engineer v Oriflame -

IT is future. Yours too.