Who we are

We are a community closing the gender digital divide through IT skills training.

Czechitas is recognized as the leading IT skills training platform in the Czech Republic actively focused on greater diversity in IT fields; improved quality of STEM education for young people; and broader access to affordable high-quality digital skills training for all. Our community’s success have been honored in the Czech Republic, across Europe, and internationally.

By 2025, Czechitas aims to become the largest platform in the Czech Republic for lifelong learning in IT; and for digital skills and career growth towards professions of the future.

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Why We Do IT

The future of work and the future of education depend not only on digital access and digital literacy, but also the ability to create digital opportunities for all.

Women lack access to IT-focused jobs due to economic barriers, cultural biases, and social hurdles. While IT training initiatives exist in the Czech Republic, most options are unaffordable or inaccessible to a large segment of the population, particularly women.
STEM education options are severely limited for primary/secondary schools or vocational education programs. Girls lack access to quality school-based STEM curricula, vocational training, and academic to workforce pathways.

Despite a thriving economy, too many jobs in the Czech Republic remain unfilled. This gap disproportionately affects Czech women and girls with limited work, education, or training prospects— particularly those aligned with their interests and ambitions.

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How We Do IT

Czechitas starts with an active and engaged community of diverse interests and skills including — but not limited to —
lecturers, trainers, mentors, coaches, experts, and volunteers.

Where We Do IT

Czechitas courses are accessible mostly online from each corner of theCzech Republic. Our online capacities enable us to serve individuals and communities while adapting to changing needs. We also maintain active training facilities in Prague, Brno and Ostrava.

How We Are Supported

Czechitas is a non-governmental social enterprise, licensed as a Registered Institute (ústav) in the Czech Republic. We are supported through a combination of fee-for-service revenue, corporate sponsorships, foundation grants, and individual donations.

Annual report 2022

Our annual report is not just numbers, but also a reflection on the past year. Our year 2022 was full of change and challenging decisions. We had slowly begun to get used to the “new normal” after the hybrid operation forced by covid-19 while looking forward to for a quieter period when the war in Ukraine broke out. We had been expecting a balanced year, yet another crisis came: another period of uncertainty, inflation and change. But we made it through.

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Honors and Awards

Equals in Tech Awards


Ceny SDGs Finalista


The EU Social Economy Awards


Ceny SDGs Finalista


Nejúspěšnější obsahový počin


SXSW Community Service Award


Národní cena kariérového poradenství


European Digital Skills Awards Finalist


Aspen Young Leaders Programme

2016, 2017

Young Transatlantic Leaders Innovation Programme


Forbes 30 pod 30


Global Entrepreneurship Summit


Top ženy Česka


European Citizen Award


Nominace na křišťálovou lupu

2015, 2016, 2017

Social Impact Award


New Europe 100