Are you in IT and want to share your expertise?

Is IT your passion? Do you want to pass on your knowledge and experience? Do you want to help us in our mission to be a source of inspiration and education for women and children in IT? What makes our courses unique is their safe environment and the personalized approach of our excellent team. You too can be part of this team, either as a workshop facilitator, coach, mentor, or teacher.


We organize roughly 250 events a year all over the country. We are constantly expanding to other regions and the number of enthusiastic women eager for IT education is growing as well. Become a part of our community and help us organize these courses on-site or join us as a teacher or coach. Make a difference to the lives of our participants and transform the way children and women perceive IT. Help us create a safe environment where no question is too silly to ask. The Czechitas community is a strong team of great people with a common goal.

You can get involved in half-day, one-day or two-day courses, long-term intensive courses, or entire projects. There is no branch office in your city? No problem, many of our events are online and you can join in from anywhere. For topics see our sections on the web. There are plenty of options, you just need to choose.

How do I get involved?

I want to teach a class.

Czechitas teachers are responsible for preparing the lessons and delivering them during the actual course. Do not worry, we have prepared course materials and curricula for you to follow. However, you are welcome to be proactive and innovative, and we will be happy if you contribute to creating the course content. As a course teacher/instructor with us, you have career opportunities, teacher training and certification. You will improve your explaining and teaching skills, meet lots of new people who are passionate about IT, and do something meaningful.

I want to help and coach the participants.

As the instructor’s right hand, a coach can be anyone who is interested and experienced in the course material, knows how to actively use the tools and programs, and is able to explain all that. As a coach, you will be helping the participants when they get stuck, when they have made a mistake or when something is not working as it should. You do not need to be a pro, what is important is your ability to understand and empathize with our participants. The coach is patient and motivating, and does their best to keep the participants on the right track in a hands-on manner.

I want to lead projects.

At our intensive long-term courses, our students work on their own projects and these require professional supervision. A mentor helps the participants to lead their projects, gives them expert advice and shares his/her practical experience.

I want to maintain the Czechitas atmosphere and help in organizing the courses.

A Czechitas workshop facilitator helps in organizing the courses on-site. They do whatever is needed during the course. As a workshop facilitator, all you need is a friendly smile on your face and organizational skills, no IT expertise required. As a workshop facilitator, you are an essential part of the team, you maintain a pleasant atmosphere and you are in charge of the entire event, thus allowing the teacher and the coaches to fully concentrate on the course content and the participants to learn in peace.

I want to capture the best moments of Czechitas events.

A Czechitas photographer takes pictures of our partner events, galas, courses, and in-house events.

Want to know more?

Join our next Work with Czechitas event or sign up for our community. Our Community Team Coordinators will introduce you to Czechitas and tell you in more detail how our courses work, what rewards and benefits we offer and what it is like to be part of Czechitas. One thing we can tell you straight away – it is awesome. So, let’s do this! We look forward to meeting you.

Hana Rychnovská