Czechitas delivers high-quality affordable IT skills development throughout the Czech Republic. We aim to meet the educational needs of individuals and communities; and the changing workforce demands of employers and society. We prepare our participants for professions of the future, where they increase their technical skills thanks to which they can move ahead in their careers or to change their careers altogether.

From one-time classes to long-term training, courses are tailored to meet the full spectrum from beginner to advanced level interests.
Classes are hosted in-person, virtually, or as hybrid learning experiences depending on the topic and audience.

Apart from top-quality educational content, we also concentrate on creating a pleasant and safe environment in the classroom. We create an atmosphere where anyone can pose any type of question. Everything takes place in groups where lecturers and participants make up one team, where they share their knowledge and experiences and support and motivate each other.

All scheduled trainings are hosted primarily in Czech language. We invite you to visit our main site in Czech for more details on our classes or to view our current calendar.

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Women in IT

We organise one-day courses, evening long-term courses and three-month requalification programs for women. Thematically, we focus mainly on programming, website development, data analytics and testing.

Learning opportunities include:

  • Basic knowledge
  • Digital skills
  • Data analysis & AI
  • Website and application development
  • Cybersecurity

Digital academy

Czechitas Digital Academy is an intensive training program for women to gain skills and confidence needed for work in Data Analysis, Software Testing, or Front-End Development positions...

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Czechitas Digital Academy is an intensive training program for women to gain skills and confidence needed for work in Data Analysis, Software Testing, or Front-End Development positions. Each cohort is created through a highly competitive application and rigorous selection process.
We focus on women in the Czech Republic at the advanced beginner level of IT skills and programming knowledge, who seek opportunities and change in their career paths. This includes mothers transitioning to/from maternity or parental leave; female graduates unable to find work in their fields of study; and women who want to change directions towards something more fulfilling.

The Academy consists of:

  • Hybrid learning model
  • Individual and group work and online self-study
  • Visits to companies
  • Mentors from partner companies
  • Hackathon for students to develop projects with their mentors
  • Final Test
  • Project Gala evening: Each student presents their final project with the participation of experts, mentors, lecturers and company representatives.

Digital Academy requires a significant commitment of time and energy from each student. In return, each participant gains:

  • Confidence in IT work
  • Presentation and communication skills
  • Career counseling and personal branding advice
  • Insight into corporate cultures of partner companies
  • Opportunities to apply for open positions
  • Valuable professional contacts

Many graduates find employment in IT companies. Some graduates choose to explore training or internship programs within their existing companies. Other graduates pursue further self-education in their chosen subject.

Digital Academy is widely recognized as a source of emerging IT talent, and a vital professional development channel among companies in the Czech Republic.

Career Development and Job Fairs:

Czechitas believe that women belong in IT. Therefore, we help women to start or change their IT careers through a range of development opportunities:

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  • Embracing previous work and life experience
  • Identifying dream job positions
  • Updating and tuning C.V.s
  • Creating LinkedIn profiles
  • Preparing for job interviews

We also host interactive Job Fairs, all-day events which engage the entire Czechitas community of partners, lecturers and course graduates. This is also a unique opportunity to inform the general public about the labor market, what positions are in demand, and opportunities for employment and internships.

Czechitas also offers:

  • One-Day Events to make the first steps in IT easier for children in a fun way.
  • Learning Circles: weekly immersive IT learning to encourage play while stimulating logical thinking.
  • Data Day Camps: Opportunities to engage technology away from the screen.

Our programs include:

  • Mastering digital technology: Intensively fun classes to discover current and emerging technologies.
  • IT summer school: Week-long explorations into key technology topics.

IT for all

Interest in technology and the desire to constantly learn will be key skills in the labor market in the future. We are here for those who want to get a job in IT, but also for unpolished IT, who just want to broaden their horizons and have an overview of what is actually hidden under the IT acronym.

Czechitas hosts a range of community events, peer learning sessions, and topic-specific meetups. Classes are hosted in-person, virtually, or as hybrid learning experiences depending on the topic and audience.

Czechitas is humbled and proud of its active, engaged, vibrant community of learners. This learning community is strengthened by a team of lecturers, trainers, coaches, tutors, mentors, and event organizers.  

Our emphasis is on regional outreach and community-level participation to reduce the barriers to accessing quality IT skills training for people at all stages of their professional and personal development.

We help to spread similar projects, such as the IBM SkillsBuild. It is a free educational platform where are courses from various fields, such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, data science, cyber security or design thinking.

We also provide a number of free online self-study courses, to allow convenient learning opportunities at any time. Popular subjects include data analysis, HTML/CSS, Python, and JavaScript. And

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