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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is increasingly part of corporate DNA globally. Thanks to the financial support of partner companies and foundation grants, Czechitas can keep its fees for courses low, ensuring that education opportunities are available to as many people as possible.

Czechitas partners are successful and responsible companies that identify with our mission. Partners find meaning and purpose in supporting IT skills education and training. Our partners value and actively promote the vision and mission of Czechitas within their workplaces and in their communities. Together we create new life stories; we increase the efficiency of work teams; and we strengthen diversity and competitiveness in IT.

Why become a Czechitas partner?

You help others and yourself with us!

Let others know about Czechitas

Express publicly your sense of social responsibility.

How does the partnership with Czechitas work?

It ispossible to direct the support to an already completed project, or we can comeup with new activities together.

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Pillars of Czechitas financing

Thanks to the financial support of partner companies and foundation grants, we can keepthe course prices so low that education is available to as many people aspossible.

Czechitas Partnership Ethical Code

At Czechitas, we enter into partnerships with companies that share similar values and respect applicable legal and ethical regulations.


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