IT Summer school

IT Summer School for high-school girls. In a week, we’ll teach you the basics of web-development, programming and graphic design. IT is not just for boys. Let’s do this together!


Why to study with us?

Jitka Kindlová

Jitka Kindlová
Parent: IT summer school

I must praise the Summer school for girls!
I must praise the Summer school for girls! My daughter didn't know what to do after high school and now she is clear on things. She wants to go to FIT. Amazing experience and the possibility of getting to know about the real world.

A week of programming, coding and graphic design

Still not sure what to study after you finish high school? Which university to apply for? Explore the world of information technologies beyond the frontiers of general knowledge. In a week, we will show you the way into IT, what it really stands for and all the practicalities.

Program, get creative and make your own blog or a web-based game. Technologies can help you change the world. Programming only requires practice. It takes to be willing, motivated and persistent. Take the future in your hands and sign up for our IT Summer School. IT is not just for boys, you’ll see.

In one week of IT Summer School, we’ll teach you:

  • To create a website using HTML and CSS

  • To work with vector curves and graphics software

  • The basics of web function programming

Never seen HTML, CSS or programming in your life? Don´t worry. You will get familiar during the course.

What else is in store ?

  • You will put your hands on a whole bunch of technologies. In the past years, we played with LEGO robots or Arduino.

  • You will get to see places where it swarms with IT and explore the premises of our partner companies.

  • During the week, you will meet loads of interesting people who will let you in behind the curtains of large IT corporations and small businesses alike. In the past, we had developers from Skype, Microsoft or MSD, talented students of informatics on MUNI or flight engineers. We will hold excursions from Monday to Thursday afternoon.

  • And last but not least, you will meet 30 other girls eager to conquer the world of IT like you are.

  • We have lots of work ahead but it will be SO worth it!

What is the IT Summer school general schedule?


   Arrival, getting to know each other


   You will create your own website using HTML/CSS.


   Time for graphic design!


   We’ll play with Lego robots.


   We will create our first app.


   The final Hackathon and party

Note: The program may change :)

Open registrations

Apply for IT Summer School 2018 in Prague (reg. open!)

Apply for IT Summer School 2016 in Brno (reg. open!)

Want more?

Return to the Prague and Brno Summer School of 2017 yourself. Check out the videos and enjoy the atmosphere.

Information for parents

IT Summer School works as a week-long summer camp with a fixed program from 8 am until 8 pm (on some days, it might be a bit longer). The program will consist of both theoretical lectures and practical workshops, where the girls will try programming, graphic design, interactive games, they will take excursions of Masaryk University (Brno) and Czech Technical University (Prague), our partner companies, and hear motivation talks from successful women in IT.

Are meals provided?

Yes, we provide breakfast, lunch, dinner and small snacks during the day. In case of allergies or special diets, we can provide alternative meals, but you need to list your requirements in the registration form.

Do you provide accommodation?

We will be staying at the university dorms nearby the lecturing premises. We recommend all the attendees to stay with us. In the past, some of them were sad they could not enjoy the company and evening fun. It is by no means compulsory but we really recommend it based on our experience from past years.

How will the girls spend their time aside from the official program?

For girls staying in the dormitories, we organize evening activities after the main program: games, sports and cultural activities. This program and nighttime supervision is provided by experienced team members.

Who is in charge of the program?

The lectures are provided by the team of Czechitas non-profit organization, together with IT students and professionals from the field. The technical part is then accompanied by excursions, interactive games and our partner blocks. Free-time activities are provided with the help of experienced students of pedagogical and leisure-time subjects. The evening part and supervision is again provided by Czechitas.

I have filled in the application and paid the fee. Do I need to provide any other forms?

Aside from the registration form which has to be filed in together with the application, you need to bring the following forms on the first day of Summer school, printed and signed: medical record confirming you do not suffer from an infection and parental consent. We will send you the documents by e-mail in time.