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Workshops and courses focused on PPC, SEO or social networks will present you what the marketing of the 21st century is about!


Why to study with us?

Eva Maierová

Eva Maierová
Event participant: Úvod do online marketingu

It was great!
If you are interested in online marketing you definitely have to see behind the curtain of PPC campaigns. PPC bootcamp by Czechitas is filled with info that are beneficial and practical for campaign development. It was great!

You will learn

  • how it works – performance marketing (PPC)
  • how it works – Internet Browsing and its optimization (SEO)
  • where lies the power of social networks
  • what is the content of social marketing and its ability?

Workshops content

PPC Bootcamp

PPC is an internet advertisement based on paying for clicking. Its characteristics is high effectiveness and great aim. During our weekend bootcamp of Markéta Kabátová from uLab we will get from the basics of PPC in browsing to launching of a campaign. We will show you how to choose and search for key words and how the perfect structure should look like plus how to post insertions. We will practice all of that in your own campaign.


SEO – the browser optimization. In todays internet time the web structure is very important for gaining visitors and potential customers. Websites need to be configured in a way for its contents to be automatically processed in internet browsers and their contents to be attractive for the customers. SEO is a technique from which the customer and the website owner profits. During this course we will teach you how to edit you web or blog in a way for its contents and form to be more attractive to search.

Pavel Ungr
And what is the opinion of our SEO lecturer Pavel Ungr: "To be successfulin browsers we have to be sure there are no barriers on the web and especially that the content is prepared correctly. That is the purpose of SEO analysis of technical and content elements, which evaluates all the important onpage factors and fixes recommended optimal solutions ( if necessary )."

Social networks

Social sites are booming and foundation of milenials life. At this workshop you will get to know the most popular social networks of todays time ( Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat ) in detail. We will show you on what principles they work, what content is more attractive, how the top Czech brands communicate, influencers and succseful campaigns.

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