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Three months filled with information and acquisitions of practical IT skills. Orient yourself in the field of the future. Discover the world of data, web or testing with us!


Why to study with us?


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In DA you meet elites from IT branch!
I learned a lot of new skills and made many new contacts. In DA you meet elites from IT branch!

The Digital Academy is held only in the Czech language.

By mid-2018, we were focused on Data Analytics at Digital Academy (Digital Academy: Data). Since September 2019, we have been expanding it to learn Web Development (Digital Academy: Web). Since September 2020, we are going to learn Testing (Digital Academy: Testing). #wannalearnIT

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We are raising data analysts, junior programmers, testers and help them to apply for full-time jobs

And we mean that literally! After the first year of the Digital Academy (DA) 146 women can boast with the graduate certificate. Two-thirds of them have changed or found a new job, and for most this has meant a career change of 180°.

Most graduates work in analysis and BI reporting, others find work as developers, testers and many work in management or marketing positions, but also technical consultants or have positions in UX design.

Come join us!

What can you gain by completing the Digital Academy?

  • Comprehensive education package in data analytics

  • Career guidance and personal branding

  • Link to partner companies not only in the field of data analytics and the possibility to view their work and corporate culture

  • The opportunity to gain new employment

  • Valuable contacts

Technological development puts higher demands on workers qualifications and their digital literacy. Talented people on the labor market are deplorably few, although women on maternity leave and fresh graduates can not find a good job. We decided to act and build the Digital Academy, that educates qualified candidates for junior positions focused on data processing and visualization. Absolutorium of the Academy serves as a "certificate", therefore a package of skills demonstrating adequate knowledge and qualifications.

For whom is the Digital Academy designed?

Women who want to change their careers and become data analysts, junior programmers or testers.

The Academy is designed for all women who want to dive fully into IT.
We reserve 20% of the Academy seats for mothers on maternity leave or with children up to 15 years old wanting to return to work life.
A further 20% of the seats are reserved for fresh graduates who can not find work in their field of study, and the remaining 60% to all other girls and women who want to retrain and find a new job.
The motivation is very important to us, a great advantage is the previous attendance of a data analytics or programming workshop, as well as other ways of self-education in these fields.

What is the Digital Academy specializing in Data about?

The Academy is built on the knowledge and skills necessary for the work of a data analysts. Therefore Databases, data cleaning, visualization, data analytics, Python and SQL programming.

Dsc 1404

In three months, you will have a solid ground for joining a junior position in data analysis as a Junior BI Analyst or Junior Analyst in the Marketing and Sales Department (you will learn to analyze data and generate reports, work with BI and SQL tools, and you will learn the basics of Python programming, analytical thinking, and presentation and communication of skills).

What skills does a Digital Academy: Data graduate possess?

  • She can effortlessly work with one visualisation tool and knows the others

  • She understands the functions for data processing in the Python programming language

  • She orientates herself in data and working with it (analytical thinking, problem solving): she knows that there are several ways of solving a problem

  • She has basic knowledge of SQL: data aggregation, joining tables, data cleanup, database connection

Digital Academy Timetable

Teachings at the Digital Academy take place both during the week (evenings) and Saturdays (all day).

Teachings may vary from region to region, so please inform yourself by looking at the example timetables.

In the framework of compulsory or optional modules we will teach you to work with data and data tools or you will be orientated in the Java programming language. In addition, during the study, we will present the environment of partner companies involved in the Academy through excursions. You will also have a mentor who will lead you towards the successful completion of the final project. Thus, study requires a lot of time and energy. Not only for the teaching part itself, but also for occasional homeworks.

What is required for successful completion the Digital Academy?

  • Attendance of 80% or more theoretical instruction modules

  • Successful pass in the final on-line test

  • Attendance of 60% or more in external excursions

  • Preparation of the final project and its presentation at the gala evening.

The cost of all of this?

The cost of Digital Academy varies according to its region and is subsidized thanks to the involvement of our partners. Check out the pages of specific events (you can find this on the top of this page or calendar) and find out more. Cancellation of participation in the Academy is governed by the applicable rules in the General Terms and Conditions of Czechitas.

I want to sign up, what should I do?

Check the calendar for the deadlines and follow the instructions.

If you have any questions, please email us at and fill in the subject on which topic of the Digital Academy is going to be your question

We are looking forward to seeing you at one of our events!

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Are you a company and want to participate in DA?

Would you like to extend your team with data analysts, junior programmers or tester with desire to learn and filled with enthusiasm?

Join and support Czechitas and our Academy.

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