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Do you want to change your career? Do you work with data and want to get under the hood of the data analyst profession? Do you want to learn from professionals?


Why to study with us?

Iva Kabátová

Iva Kabátová
Event participant: I am an original

I'm glad, that there are girls like these.
I'm glad, that there are girls like these. You can see the joy and enthusiasm from their attitude during the whole workshop. Thank you so much for the individual approach, passing the experience and inspiration.

Few words about our Digital Academy

It is a project filled with information and practical experience. During this time you will learn the fundamentals and be able to apply for a junior position in the area of data analysis as a Junior BI analyst or Junior analyst in a marketing sales department. Important: the whole Academy is held in Czech language.

Photos from the pilot run

Digital Academy is a several-week long requalification course and a mentoring program for 30 future data analysts (20 % of mothers after maternity leave and 20 % of fresh university graduates). The goal of the Academy is to educate new talents and in a co-operation with local companies to find them jobs on positions that are focused on data (data analysts, reporting, visualisation, digital marketing, coding or testing). Academy takes place two times per every year in Prague, Brno and starting in 2018 in Ostrava as well. After undertaking theoretical education at our Academy, passing final test and performing a presentation of their project women receive a certification at the final graduation evening.

Dsc 1404

The Academy includes 300 hours of tutoring, self education, tours in companies and mentoring on the final project. Tutoring covers following subjects: Data analysis, Data tools ( Excel, Power BI, KBC, GoodData, Tableau), coding in Python, SQL, Digital marketing with Web analysis, Soft skill workshops and Career mentoring. The entire tuition takes place in involved companies, universities and co-working places. It is designed for evenings and weekends so that everyone can make it. Tutoring is provided by experienced Czechitas lecturers, the top-class professionals participate in the Academy such as: Pavel Doležal, Pavel Lasák, Ondřej Veselý, Honza Mayer, Barbora Bühnová, Zuzana Bednářová, Svetlana Margetová, Petra Drahoňovská and others. Companies participating in the Academy are/were: Avast, Billigence, Česká spořitelna, Dixons, Etnetera Activate,, Proficio, Nestlé and many others. They all have the same goal: to raise more data analysts with us.

Why get involved in our Digital Academy?

  • You can support a non profit project with a social impact in a development of IT education in the Czech Republic.
  • You can help us to educate and raise data analysts into your company and connect any number of graduates to your job positions in the area of data.
  • Our PR will raise the awareness about your company into the community of Czechitas, which is more than 11 000 people with interest in IT (graduated students, lecturers, tutors  and fans).
  • We will place the logo of your company on the webpage of Digital Academy.
  • Media promotion by our professional photographs. (Photos from the pilot run you can find here – opening, final ceremony.)
  • Partner promotional thanks to our intense co-operation on the project, excursion to the company and flyers or any other promotional material for DA attendees.
  • For the partners of Digital Academy we provide discounts on recruitment of DA graduates.
  • … and simply because this is an unique great project which you don't want to miss out! :)

Dsc 1378


I. run: Prague (January–March 2017)

II. run: Brno (May–July 2017)

III. run: Prague (September–November 2017)

IV. run: Brno (October–December 2017)

V. run: Ostrava (January-March 2018)

VI. run: Prague (March-May 2018)

VII. run: Brno (April-June 2018)

Will continue in the second half of 2018 and 2019!

Are you a company and would you like to cooperate on the project?

Would you like enthusiastic, education-hungry data analysts in your team?Join in and support Czechitas and our Digital Academy.

For cooperation on the Prague Digital Academy please contact:

For cooperation on the Brno Digital Academy please contact:

For cooperation on the Ostrava Digital Academy please contact:

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