Czechitas Scholarship

We got into long-term education! We know that entering the world of IT is a time-consuming process. That’s why we started the Czechitas Scholarship with the support of the EU.


Why to study with us?

Cvetelina Šubová

Cvetelina Šubová
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What is the deal?

Czechitas Scholarship is an educational and mentoring program in the South-Moravian and Zlín districts. In the next 2 years (until June 2019), we will provide education and counselling to 60 women who desire to change their career. We have two paths open for you. The first leads to a career in web development and the second in Java programming. We chose these two paths based on job-market analysis in the respective regions.

What can you expect?

Those selected for the program may choose which path to take. We will provide you with the respective workshops for free. Apart from the one-day workshops, it may also be the long-term Java course or the I build webs course.

We are ready for complete beginners who need help when choosing their path, but also for the more advanced who already know where are they heading and have some previous experience. For those, we offer our advanced workshops.

We guarantee to provide the 60 scholarship holders with 40 hours of education and career counselling, paid for by the project (i.e. for free, if you are one of the chosen participants).

The activities will take place mostly in Brno (from the second half of 2018 in Zlín as well). The most successful participants will also get a chance of an internship in one of our partner companies from the South-Moravian (Zlín) district, with a prospective job offer.

Who is the Scholarship for?

Czechitas Scholarship is open for a limited number of women, based on selection procedure which started in August 2017. All women interested in IT requalification are welcome, if they speak Czech and fall into least in one of these target groups:

  • Mothers on maternity/parental leave

  • Mothers returning from maternity/parental leave

  • Mothers of children under the age of 15

  • Women registered with the Employment office

  • Women taking care of a dependent person

  • Employed women

In fact, every woman willing to participate in our workshops in Brno (Zlín) and ready to work hard. :)

How to apply?

Fill our registration form (Czech only). Attention! The application process is now closed and all the scholarships are taken.

To be accepted into the scholarship program, you need to be able to commute to our workshops and courses in the South-Moravian or Zlín districts (mostly Brno, Zlín in 2018) and to be interested in an internship in one of our partner companies residing in Brno or Zlín.

Important note

Czechitas Scholarship is running thanks to the “Ženy do IT” project (reg.n. CZ.03.1.51/0.0/0.0/16_061/0003268), financed by the European Social Fund, from its Employment operational program. We are obliged to monitor and report all the costs. That is why we require all the participants in the Scholarship program to provide their personal data for the Monitoring sheet and other required forms, as well as to sign a contract on their participation in the project.  

Unfortunately, this project CANNOT support women who are still preparing for their future careers. It is required for the participants to fall into at least one of the categories listed in the registration form.