Discover the world of IT with us. Untouched by IT? Join one of our workshops from the series on Graphic design, Coding, Data Analysis or Web design. For one day only or for as long as three months. We can even help you find a job in IT. Or just explore the realm, learn, join us for a beer or a lecture. It is all up to you. We are one community.

Pro ženy a dívky

Jednodenní až několika měsíční vzdělávací akce pro IT začátečnice i pokročilé bez věkového omezení.

I can code!

Learn to program in Python, C# and Java.

Graphic Design

Learn to work with vectors, create a logo or a poster and learn to professionally edit photos.

I build websites

This series of courses will teach you the basics of web development. Code your website yourself using HTML and CSS or get help from content management systems like WordPress.

Digital Marketing

Workshops and courses focused on SEO and social networks will show you what 21st century marketing is all about!

I am secure

Courses and workshops focused on cyber security. Learn to set-up your virus-detection, to protect your data and find out what a hacker does!


Data is all around us and yet only 0.5 % of it is used for analysis! Come to our workshop, get your data-analysis basics and learn how to use data in everyday life.

I can test it

Did you know that, according to some statistics, up to 40 % of software development time is dedicated to testing?

Digital Academy

Three months filled with information and acquisitions of practical IT skills. Orient yourself in the field of the future. Discover the world of data and Java with us!

Czechitas Scholarship

We got into long-term education! We know that entering the world of IT is a time-consuming process. That’s why we started the Czechitas Scholarship with the support of the EU.

I want a job in IT

We believe that girls should program, code websites and work with data. Simply that women belong in IT. So we educate them and help them get their career going. Whether you’re looking for a job or offering one, you’ve come to the right place.

Czechitas Thesis Award

Girls, do not let your work be forgotten! Did you or some of your friends write an IT-related BA thesis? Apply for the Czechitas Award!


Pro děti a mládež

Moderní IT vzdělávání pro holky i kluky 8-18 let.

IT Summer School

IT Summer School for high-school girls. In a week, we’ll teach you the basics of web-development, programming and graphic design. IT is not just for boys. Let’s do this together!

Czechitas New Generation

Let’s explore the world of IT together! We’ll learn the basics of programming, we’ll teach you about robotics or you can try virtual reality. We’ll show you that the world of IT can be fun!


Pro všechny

Vzdělávej se v IT online či na dalších akcích, kterých se může zúčastnit kdokoli. Stačí jen chuť se učit.

I want to learn online

Guidepost of sources for IT self-studies both created by Czechitas or tested by our community. Start now!

Community Events

Events supported by Czechitas. Discover more amazing IT opportunities and learn about new topics and technologies that are not covered by our workshops yet. All this is organized by our coaches, fans or friends.