The number of IT professionals is extremely low. And it will get worse. With the current superfast technological advancements, the world will lack about 5.5 million IT pros by 2020. There is no way men can do this alone. It's time to call girls to arms.

Help us save IT. Raise new programmers and employ the talented IT girls from our community.

Help us save the IT. Raise new programmers and employ talented IT girls from our community.

No diploma needed

Only university graduates succeed? No way. Studies prove that more than 42 % of IT professionals don’t have a diploma and learned all by themselves. And they managed to get as far as the ones with official technical education. Let's work with that.

In the last three years, we held over 250 courses and lectures on programming, web development, data analysis, computer graphics and digital marketing. We helped employ hundreds of women on IT positions and created a community of more than 12 000 people who support us.

We stay in touch with the participants of our courses. We provide a helping hand in their career growth, hold soft-skill workshops or individual career coaching. We regularly send them newsletters with job offers from our partners, news about the partner companies, the current IT market and news outside the world of Czechitas. We connect the companies and the talented graduates and recommend them further to all the members of our community.

Join our cause. What do we do?

  • Encourage women and girls to take an interest in technologies and study them.

  • Create a place for a lively networking with women interested in IT.

  • Inspire women to start a career in IT #WeCreateStories.

  • Give companies the opportunity to support a project with tangible social impact.

  • Connect the partner companies with our course graduates.

  • Reach out to high-school girls interested in IT.

  • Connect our course graduates with prospective job offers and internships in various companies.

  • Arrange courses or workshops tailored to your technology or job vacancy.

  • Reach out to more than 8 000 women in our community database, the participants of particular workshops or our fans on social networks, amounting to more than 12 000.

We want in and support Czechitas!

Big thanks to our partners

Some of our partners are companies that believe in the meaningfulness our work, support the activities of our non-profit organization and are not afraid to employ IT girls amongst their ranks. Together, we improve the dynamics of work-teams and promote diversity and competitiveness in IT. For this, we are truly grateful!