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We help women, girls and children to explore the world of information technologies. We teach them to code in various programming languages, test their software, or analyse complex data. We organize workshops and courses on different levels of expertise, focused on particular knowledge or technology. We organize summer IT camps, requalification and evening courses. We inspire and empower new talents for stronger diversity and competitiveness in tech.

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Eva Maierová

Eva Maierová
Event participant: Úvod do online marketingu

It was great!
If you are interested in online marketing you definitely have to see behind the curtain of PPC campaigns. PPC bootcamp by Czechitas is filled with info that are beneficial and practical for campaign development. It was great!

Czechitas new generation

We organise after school clubs, workshops, camps and other events for girls and boys ages 8 to 18. We introduce them to the world of information technology through fun activities and give them an opportunity to practise their logical thinking. We want to help bring up a new generation of IT users and enable them to grow into active leaders who will use technology to change the world.


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I am in IT already. I want to help the others in!

You already know your way in IT? Hats off! But keeping it all for yourself is a shame, isn't it? Come teach with us the others and become our superstar.

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Our huge thanks go to all the volunteers, girls and boys, companies and individuals, who were willing to participate in our projects. We have made a massive step forward together!


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