Are you an IT animal? Come help others with us!

Is IT your natural habitat? Kudos! Help us teach others and become one of our superstars. For one to learn something, it takes understanding it. This makes individual coaching priceless. That’s why we always involve a group of coaches to help us at our courses.

Ready to share your knowledge?

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Become a role model and help us get more people into IT! Be it girls and women or kids. Help us create an environment where no question is silly. It doesn't matter if you are still learning and don’t know everything. Maybe even better, you will have something in common with the girls at our workshops. And if you have the time to help us with our long-term courses (usually lasting 3 months, one evening a week), that will make us even happier as we make the biggest progress in these classes and truly change lives.

We organize more than 150 events a year all around Czechia. Being a coach means being a member of a unique, motivated community that makes IT accessible for people.

What does it mean, being a coach?

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A coach may be anyone interested in the topic of one of our workshops, who has at least some experience in the field and is able to explain it to others. Understanding, empathy, communication and proactiveness is of essence. It is not about being a pro, sometimes it is more important to be capable of patiently and clearly helping in finding the solution.

Our workshop participants come from different backgrounds. They are aged 15 to 60 and more. Most of them are students or graduates looking for a better job, mothers on maternity leave or girl entrepreneurs. They often do not know a thing about IT. They are curious and want to try if this would be their thing. What they have in common is a huge motivation and willingness to learn.

You can certainly get involved in educating kids or teachers as well. We will not be stopping you from anything and will happily welcome anyone eager to share their knowledge.


You can join the half-day, full-day or 2-day workshops, our long-term courses or full projects. Check the topics in the individual sections on our website. The sky is the limit.

How about all this? Is it your thing?

Come teach with us!

Join the community of Czechitas tutors and coaches. The ranks of people who wish to help keep growing. So far, we have organized hundreds of events and their number increases every week.

Why teach with us?

  • The wonderful feeling of doing something meaningful

  • You get to re-visit your field from the very basics and brush things up

  • You improve your explanatory and teaching skills

  • You have a unique opportunity of networking with other coaches and the attendees

  • You get to know loads of IT enthusiasts and people willing to help others

  • You get to attend various conferences and lectures for a discounted price

  • You get a cool blue t-shirt, something to eat at the workshops and even a little money

  • We hold regular get-togethers for our coach community – the CzechiPubs and some of the workshops

  • And what’s most important – you will do a good thing!

Still not sure whether to go for it or not, because you don’t know what the girls might ask during the workshops? Well, that of course depends on the actual workshop but we put together the frequently asked questions for you to get the idea:

Na Web

  • I cannot connect to the Wi-Fi. What should I do?
  • How do I switch to EN keyboard?
  • How do I type #{insert a symbol} on my keyboard?
  • Where should I type it in? (i.e. Where should I edit the code?)
  • What is a server? What is a database? What is a compilation? What is a cloud? What is an FTP? What is a command line?
  • Why don’t I see my images? (e.g. on the server, when girls only uploaded locally)
  • Why can’t my file/method name include diacritics?
  • Why should I use Inkscape when I can well create a poster using PowerPoint?
  • What are these spaces for (code indents)? And the semicolons?
  • So I have to remember all this?
  • What if I don’t speak English?
  • Which materials can I use to revise what we did today? Where can I study further?

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Our events have a wonderful atmosphere you simply have to experience for yourself!

Get in touch and join in!

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