From a small shop in the Giant Mountains to Avast

Vendy first worked in a clothing store for a few years, but after a few years, she wanted to move on and discovered Czechitas courses. She headed straight towards the Digital Academy. How did it all work, and what does Vendy do in her position?

Vendula worked in an accounting firm for a year and 4 years as saleswomen in a small clothing store in her hometown. The job, however, didn’t fulfil her very much. Although she already knew at the time she would like to be involved in making websites, she still couldn't find enough time to learn it. That is why she signed up for Czechitas courses.

Balancing full-time work and study was sometimes challenging, but she knew it was worth it. She added a lot of knowledge and information that she lacked and gained even more motivation and courage to enter the world of IT. At the same time, during the course, she made new friends, met new people, and had fun days, for example, at the Hackathons she participated in.

New job at Avast

After completing the Digital Academy course, she started looking for a job as a front-end developer, which she managed to find at Avast. There, she is responsible for the maintenance and development of Avast and AVG websites. Her job may involve editing or adding content to the websites, encoding a new subpage, or preparing new software download links. Recently, she took part in rebranding, which required redesigning the whole website. She is grateful for her job because she enjoys it and it brings her satisfaction.

"I've learned that almost nothing is impossible when you are diligent and persistent."

- Vendula Frýzlová, Frontend developerka, Avast

What about you? Are you in education and thinking about a career change to IT?