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We at Czechitas have dreamed of having our own educational centre for a long time. Yesterday, our dreams finally came true at the opening ceremony of our new centre in Brno. Starting tomorrow, all our events in Brno will take place at  Škrobárenská 511/3. :)
We're going to keep on dreaming and want to have our own centre in every region of the country. Before we open them, have a look at these great autumn events.

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Mladá Boleslav

Zlín Praha  

New Educational Centre in Brno

Our biggest thanks goes to our partner, CTP. Thanks to it we can grow and extend our activities. Together we believe that our centre will become a place for meeting and education and contribute to growth of IT community in Brno.

Apart from regular events, you can look forward to the event called “Learn About New Opportunities” the week of 30th September. You can roam through the entire centre, listen to the presentations, e.g. with young scientist Jan Lukačevič and IT expert and "superwoman" Bára Bühnová and learn something at the workshops. On October 6th we finish everything with event Family Day on Ponávka.

Are you looking for a job in IT?

Or are you just browsing the job market? After the success of last year’s Job Fair Czechitas, we’re planning two more this year. One will take place tomorrow in Brno and the other on 12th October in Prague. Networking with companies and great workshops.

What’s on in autumn?

After-school clubs for kids, where they’ll learn programming mainly in Scratch.
We have long-term courses for women on various topics and for all levels, from beginner to advanced, which can be a great launching point.
Last chance to sign up for Digital Academy: Web in Brno and steer your career into IT. 
The first Maker Fair will take place in Mlada Boleslav in September. The event for the whole family in cooperation with Škoda Auto show you innovation, creativity and ingenuity. Come and see the event and say hello at Czechitas stall. 
Or visit interesting conferences at Cybersec & AI Prague by Avast & ČVUT, the E-commerce Day in Brno or support a breakthrough conference on luck at work.

EU Code Week Is Here for the Third Time

In October, you can look forward to events as part of EU Code Week in Brno and Prague and for the first time this year in other regions as well. We are participating in this pan-European event to introduce the general public to programming in a fun way.
We at Czechitas have prepared two-hour mini-workshops for kids and adults, so don’t hesitate and sign up.
Check out other events all over the Czech Republic. 

Thank you to Accenture, our partner

Thanks to you we can educate children and women and put on great events, for example at our shared booth at Future Port Prague on 10th and 11th September. We really appreciate that you are brave to start the new project with us.

Three summer schools for girls had a great run

Summer IT schools took place in Brno, Ostrava and Prague. A total of 78 girls enjoyed the full day, they learned to program, they created websites and they used everything they learned during a hackathon and produced wonderful projects. What made us the happiest? The fact that after completing the summer school, 7 out of 10 girls want to study IT. We wish them all the luck the world and look forward to seeing more talented secondary school girls next year.

Have a wonderful day!

Adél from Czechitas

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