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O čem to celé bude?

What is the difference between having the need to predict sales for next year just once and needing to have a system predicting sales and updating those forecasts every month with new data? How do you calculate forecast accuracy? How to choose the right predictive model for your business case? What is important if you build 1 month forecast and what is important if you are trying to build 3 years ahead prediction? Do fancy machine learning methods outperform classical statistical methods? These will be key questions discussed and answered in this particular Meetup. The main idea is to not learn a particular algorithm but to find out which best steps to make in order to choose the right algorithm for your business case. 

What will you learn

  • Ask the right questions when thinking about how to build predictive models and systems.
  • What are the most important aspects of forecasting and what to pay attention to when working with forecasts.
  • What kind of predictions are reliable? What kind of predictions are not worth investing your time in (black swans)?
  • What is the general intuition of forecasting methods?

What will you try

Through small quizzes you will realize differences of forecasting strategies, discuss interesting points with lecturers and other participants. 

What should you already know and be able to do

Basic statistics and mathematics knowledge would be helpful. Open and curious mind is definitely a must. No software installation or registration is a prerequisite for the Tech Meetup. The Tech Meetup will be held in English.
The series is for people who are interested in data science. It provides an introduction/ways of thinking about certain data science topics for beginners. For people who already have some experience, the series will be beneficial by hearing simple language explanations about various data science topics, the same language could be reused in the communication with business stakeholders. 


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