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Tech MeetUp: Cybersecurity and AI

O čem to celé bude?

What are the problems and how Machine Learning can help?

In this talk with Avast we will be taking a look at Cybersecurity in general - we will introduce some basic concepts, we will inform about the attack vectors and the most vulnerable surfaces. 

We would like to introduce all the threats in general from phishing attacks, to web skimming to malicious PE to APT. As a next step, we will explain some key concepts on how to mitigate these attacks, how to monitor and how to discover them in the first place.

On top of that we will present a few ideas on what could be automated and where and how we can use machine learning for such an area with all the challenges it brings.

What will you learn?

During the Tech Meetup we will go through some of the basics attacks and look into the possible solutions which are possible because of machine learning and big data. Firstly we will present phishing and malvertising attacks and in the second part we will propose a simple machine learning solution to one of the problems hands-on. 

Cybersecurity attacks

  • Phishing: what, why, how?
    • (Spear)Phishing/Whaling
    • Phishing over SMS and messaging apps
  • Malvertising: what, why how 2.0?
    • Web Skimming
  • Home network vulnerabilities - router/appliances hacking

Machine learning applications into cybersecurity:

  • Reputation systems for urls/files etc.
  • Classification to threats, to binary categories
  • Filtering huge streams for relevant informations
  • Building our own machine learning system
    • At least we will build a plan on how to do it:) 


Feel free to fill in the form to help us to tailor the meetup to meet your expectations.

  • Be able to understand Python
  • Be able to connect google colab: it is enough to have google account
  • Learn some basics of Machine learning
  • Ask questions and have fun!

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