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We believe that girls should program, code websites and work with data. Simply that women belong in IT. So we educate them and help them get their career going. Whether you’re looking for a job or offering one, you’ve come to the right place.


Why to study with us?

Helena Vidovičová

Helena Vidovičová
Parent: IT summer school

My daughter found her herself.
As a parent it was a total coincidence seeing the summer school. My daughter found her herself. She was excited during and after. She continued in other courses, conferences and workshops and actually considering going pro. The way I see it – nothing but positives.

Do you want to start your career in IT or need help choosing the right direction?

We believe that women should work in IT and we are ready to do everything for them. In the last two years, we helped employ hundreds of women and created a community of more than 12 000 people who want to help us do that. We send regular newsletters to our graduates, containing job offers, news about our courses and the IT market. In 2017, we received the National Career Guidance Award for our work, for which we are very grateful.

Career workshops

We help girls work on their self-esteem and motivation to try and also provide advice on entering the IT world, on the most sought-after professions and handling job interviews. In co-operation with our partners and coaches, we hold regular Soft-skill workshops in Prague and Brno, focusing on personal branding, IT trends, on creating successful CV’s and job interviews.

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Career coaching

To boost your career progress, we have prepared individual career meetings with our coach, Petra Drahoňovská. She can help you think through and map your future career path and your personal values.

The outcome of the coaching is a “diagnostic mind map” serving as a lead to your further development. Petra will also help you with your personal presentation, be it on job interviews or in life in general, with creating your CV, a LinkedIn profile and application letters. The length of the meetings, the place and time will be arranged individually, to suit your needs.

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Jobs and Interships

Do you already know where you’re headed? Are you seeking a job or an IT internship? Get in touch and we’ll do something about it!

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Vacancies at our partner companies

Maria Hodosiová introducing AT&T and their vacancies at 2017 Career Workshop
Martin Janáček summing up the corporate culture and opportunities at SAP at 2017 Career Workshop
Petr Zatloukal introducing MSD at 2017 Career Workshop

They support us and want more girls in IT. Do you want to program, code or test apps maybe? Check out the vacancies at our partner companies and kick-start your IT career. Find your dreamjob:

Google, Microsoft, Konica Minolta Europe, Keboola, Nestlé, Avast, AT&T, Škoda Auto DigiLab, SAP, Epam,MSD

Where does the path take our graduates next?

Hundreds of girls and women successfully finish our courses. A number of them continue their IT education or start a brand new career. We are always happy to hear from them. At every course, #WeCreateStories.

Are you intriqued? There’s nothing easier. The path starts at our workshops.

Stories we helped to write

When we met Adela, she was 26 and she dreamt of being a graphic designer in the gaming business. She went through a number of Czechitas courses, including the intensive ones. Now she works in her dream field in one of the largest Czech companies. She got her chance.

„Right after the first course, I was hooked by the approach and the community itself. In the meantime, I realized what it was I wanted to accomplish in IT. And thanks to Czechitas, I landed my dream job in the gaming business a couple of days ago.”

- Adéla Větrovcová

Běla went through our one-day HTML/CSS course and DataGirls. Then she decided to grab the chance and participated in our week-long tester course. Now she works as a software tester.

„Thanks to the Czechitas workshops, I got a full-time job in an IT company. Thank you for kick-starting my careeer. See you in one of your future courses!“

- Běla Beránková

Michaela Kuchařová was one the participants in our Academy of Programming. Today, she works as a junior C# developer.

„I found Czechitas thanks to my friend and was instantly hooked by the concept. I have gone through several one-day and intensive courses and then started to coach other girls as well. I found myself in C# programming and the girls even helped me find a junior developer job.”

- Michaela Kuchařová

Veronika works in HR but she found out she enjoyed working with numbers much more. So she started programming in our courses and studying IT at the university.

„I took the C# course with Czechitas. Even though I did not know what to expect, I found out that programming could really be a fun thing to do. And that girls do belong in IT. I admire Czechitas’ constant support, the interest they take in other people’s opinions and their determination to change and improve things. It is only thanks to them I have been negotiating a job opportunity with an IT company.“

- Veronika R.