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Do you want to learn some IT skills but you can't come to one of our courses or do you simply prefer learning from the comfort of your home? Learn IT using one of our online tutorials.

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Petr Rys

Petr Rys
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The best children were able create 2 quality games
The biggest contribution of this project as I see it is that most of the students learned there are other things to do at ICT and the for the result to be good a lot of work is required. The best children were able after 10 lectures create 2 quality games and started working on 3 others. The Academy of Coding got me working and also average support material for students.

We have prepared several online courses and many other resources tested by our community.
We create our own online Czechitas tutorials that anyone can use. The tutorials are prepared by our teachers and you can find the links to them below. We will add more at the end of 2019. :)

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Here is a link to some other websites, which we recommend for further study. The list is HERE.

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We create educational materials suitable for those who want to have fun while learning IT. You will also find some additional materials on the Programming Academy project website.

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