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Guidepost of sources for IT self-studies both created by Czechitas or tested by our community. Start now!

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Eva Maierová

Eva Maierová
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It was great!
If you are interested in online marketing you definitely have to see behind the curtain of PPC campaigns. PPC bootcamp by Czechitas is filled with info that are beneficial and practical for campaign development. It was great!

Are you eager to acquire new tech knowledge, ideally from the comfort of your home because you live far from us, are taking care of a baby, or simply prefer the online world?

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If our event calendar is not enough for you, join us in exploring a few more ways to learn. But remember that we will still be happy to meet you at some of our offline events, and hope to see you there soon.

There are two options you can explore right away (and we're working on others) - online tutorials prepared directly by Czechitas, and links to cool online material that we have collected for you with the help of our community.

The online Czechitas materials were created for the Academy of Programming and you can find them here on their website.

We've put together other a list of other free available resources, which you can check out below. You're sure to find something interesting, whether you want to learn to program or if you want to create your own website.

This is a living website so don't forget to stop by every now and again. Please give us your feedback whenever you try one of our teaching materials and feel like giving us your opinion. If you want to stay up-to-date, join our FB group I want to StudyIT.

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Let’s Start

As we see within our community, the most popular tech topics to start with are web development (i.e. HTML for website structure, CSS for website visual appearance and programming languages like Javascript for dynamic content on the website), coding (with popular programming languages like Python, Java, C#), and data science. Explore the following links that we have gathered and sorted out into these groups.

Web development





Data science

General platforms for online learning

Besides the gathered links, there are multiple platforms for online learning where you can find a plethora of online courses, with new ones appearing every few days. The topics are diverse but you can find tech courses as well.

Here they are:

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