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Did you know that, according to some statistics, up to 40 % of software development time is dedicated to testing?


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Barbora Lysá

Barbora Lysá
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The workshop was led nicely.
I recommend the Excel workshop to anyone who caught the basics and needs to orient him/herself with the cool tricks that make things easier. The workshop was led nicely with reasonable pace and the possibility to raise questions.

IT now covers a whole lot of activities where one single mistake could have dreadful consequences. That’s why testing is becoming a vital step and is taken very seriously in IT companies.

In our testing courses and workshops, you will learn the theory but more importantly the practicalities of software testing. You will learn to work with documentation and write your own test cases, you will test various apps and log the bugs you find. To cut a long story short, you will get enough to help you start your career as a tester. Not bad, eh?

The workshops start with an introduction to software testing. You will get familiar with all the terminology like test case or bug, we will show you the techniques of test design, the software development models (SDLC), the levels of testing and much more. Next, you will get to utilize test designing techiques, we will also cover some databases and SQL and finally, you will try testing a sample app.

We manage to collaborate with companies raising IT juniors for their testing positions and we are very happy about that. From the reactions, we know that these are great entry roles for IT. And no software developer can get by without a tester. :)