I can code!

Programming languages are the languages of the future and programming itself has become the skill of the 21st century. We will guide you from the beginning.


Why to study with us?

Verča Wildová

Verča Wildová
Event participant: I can code

I can only recommend the programming workshop!
The functions and other mathematical methods were always difficult for me, but on the workshop the lecturer explaines everything practically, so you can easily understand it. The lecturers were greatly organized and helped us when we were in trouble.

You will learn

  • What programming is about

  • The programming basics

  • Coding in Python, Ruby, Java or C# (Advanced programming courses)

Where? In our one-day workshops or long-term evening courses.

Want more? Check our intense courses.

One-Day Workshops

I Can Code: Introduction

Never seen code in your life and it all looks like a random set of numbers and letters? Would you like to try programming and have no experience? Then this is the right course for you. It opens doors to all the other programming courses. No need to be afraid, even a complete beginner can do it!

You will learn:

  • The structure of an app and the works of it

  • What code looks like

  • Basic principles of programming and principles of object-oriented languages

  • The essential parts of a program

Intro to… (a Particular Language)

Already did your preps? After the introduction, it is time to choose the programming language you will explore further. We have prepared a number of one-day courses where you’ll refresh your programming basics, this time in the language of your choice. Building on that, you’ll learn more programming structures and principles.


  • Coding in Python (I Can Code: Python!)

  • Coding in Ruby on Rails (I Can Code: Ruby on Rails!)

  • Coding in Java (I Can Code: Java!)

  • Coding in C# (I Can Code: C#!)

  • Coding in JavaScript (I Can Code: JavaScript!)

You will learn:

  • The programming stereotypes and programmer thinking

  • Delving deeper into the programming basics

  • Expanding your knowledge with new programming structures and principles


This workshop is for all those who wish to explore the world of electronic gadgets and have gone through at least the Introduction programming course. What is this Arduino good for? You can use it for opening windows based on temperature, humidity, for measuring the temperature in your fridge or locating your car or bike.

You will learn:

  • What is Arduino good for, the setup and its pitfalls

  • To make a LED blink

  • To measure light intensity

  • To measure temperature

  • How displays work and how to see the results on them

Intro to testing

Fancy trying something completely different and exploring the world of IT? Are you sharp, hardly ever miss a thing and have analytical thinking? Software testing might be a great IT opportunity for you. This workshop will introduce you to the basic principles of testing and the responsibilities of a tester. All this with no prior knowledge.

You will learn:

  • Basic methods of test analysis

  • Preparing testing scenarios

  • Web app testing

Intensive courses

Rome wasn’t built in a day. And it is not even remotely possible to learn programming in such a short time. However, many of you are excited to learn no matter what and that is what makes us so happy.

When workshops are not enough, we also offer more intensive courses. Do you want to really dig into this subject and make a real progress? Do you want to be able to code a proper mobile, desktop or web app? If so, you’ve come to the right place.


  • Java I - introduction to Java programming for beginners

  • Java II - Java for intermediate programmers

  • C# -  introduction to C# programming for beginners