I build websites

This series of courses will teach you the basics of web development. Code your website yourself using HTML and CSS or get help from content management systems like WordPress.


Why to study with us?

Veronika Eningerova

Veronika Eningerova
Event participant: I build websites

The workshop participation gave me my lost self esteem back.
I'm not completely new to IT, I studied Computer sciences but I'm on maternity leave for 4 years and that creates a big problem in the world of IT. I attended 3 workshops and I met more than my expectations. The workshop participation gave me my lost self esteem back.

You will learn

  • The basics of HTML and CSS for static-web creation (HTML/CSS)

  • What Bootstrap and responsive web mean

  • One of the most popular programming languages ever – JavaScript

  • WordPress and how it can help you create a great website in no time at all

Courses contents

Introduction to HTML/CSS

This workshop and the subsequent course are the foundation stones of the whole I Build Websites series. Knowing the HTML markup language and the CSS style-sheet language is basically a must in the world of IT. When you master them, not only you will be able to code your website from scratch, but also edit the ready-made CMS templates.

I build websites: Bootstrap and responsive web

This is a follow-up to the introductory HTML/CSS course. As you can guess from the name, we will take a closer look at advanced web styling, focusing on responsivity.

What does that mean? Well, basically that our website looks just as cool on a tiny smartphone screen as it does on a desktop. We need to deal with the fact that people access the web from all kinds of devices and be ready for all the scenarios. And we will make our job way easier using a styling framework, which will effortlessly provide us with a beautiful starting look.

I build websites: JavaScript

The introduction to one of the most widespread programming languages – JavaScript! We’ll show you how it works, why it is so popular and how it can liven up your website.

I build websites: PHP

Do know why it's great to know PHP? It is behind 80% of today's websites - Facebook, WordPress, Wikipedia, Ted or Spotify. That's why we have both a one-day PHP workshop as well as a three-month course, which will help you delve deep and learn all the secrets.

I build websites: WordPress

WordPress is an open source project, where you can maintain your blog or create a website for free. About 27% of all websites are currently using WordPress. At our WordPress workshps, we'll show you how to create a website in WordPress and how to create new tmeplates.