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Courses and workshops focused on cyber security. Learn to set-up your virus-detection, to protect your data and find out what a hacker does!


Why to study with us?

Dáša Al Tukmachi

Dáša Al Tukmachi
Event participant: Digital Academy

DA gave me the basics of programming, data analysis and opened doors to a new job opportunity. You will learn in a great enviroment and everybody will support you. I also met a lot of friends. Thank you Czechitas :)

Cyber security is the new buzzword. It is extremely important, we care, but only a few of us really really understand. And we are about to change this!

Do you know how to secure your computer? Does virus-detection mean safety? Do you save passwords in your browser? Our cyber-security series will show you what you might be doing wrong without even knowing it.

The main goal of the courses and workshops is to introduce you to the world of IT security and let you explore its foundations. From the basics of Windows security configuration and virus protection to safe password storing, encryption or hacking.

In the avanced (long-term) course, we will put all this into practice and explore the more complex topics together (like securing a corporate network) to understand what does a security expert do.

The long-term course covers these topics:

  • PC security basics

  • Anonymity and privacy on the Internet

  • Passwords and encryption

  • Backups

  • Computer networks

  • Windows hacking / web-app hacking

  • Security in the corporate environment

  • The newest technologies and trends in security