I am an original

In the I’m an Original series, we will tackle voluptuous curves and storm graphic design together. From blueprint to print.


Why to study with us?

Iva Kabátová

Iva Kabátová
Event participant: I am an original

I'm glad, that there are girls like these.
I'm glad, that there are girls like these. You can see the joy and enthusiasm from their attitude during the whole workshop. Thank you so much for the individual approach, passing the experience and inspiration.

You will learn:

  • Graphic design theory, working with blueprints (Introductory workshop)

  • Creating a simple CV, business card or a poster using templates (Canva)

  • Typography basics, making posters or business cards (Corporate visualization)

  • Working with curves in Inkscape, creating personal mandalas or colouring sheets (Working the Vectors)

  • Taking Inkscape skills to the next level (In the Skin Of a Graphic Ddesigner)

  • Editing pictures like a pro and getting maximum from your shots (Photo Editing)

Introductory workshop of graphic design

The introductory workshop covers the theory of graphic design. But because the best way of learning something is actually doing it, we will plunge right into it. From the very beginning – on paper. That’s where good graphic design should start.


You’d like to use graphics software but all you’ve tried is Windows Painting? Then this is the workshop for you. We will teach you how to create your own graphics using the modern templates available in Canva and explain several graphics principles for you to manage even without the templates. In the end, you will be able to share your designs or export them for printing.

Inkscape – Corporate visualization

In this workshop, we will focus on advertising materials. You will learn all you need to create business cards and posters. And not just from the graphics point of view. We will focus typography and show you which roads not to take. You will create and take home your own business-card design, which you’ll then be able to prepare for printing.

Inkscape – Working the vectors

Bezier curve of the n-th degree for the n+1 control points given... And now seriously. :) The main goal of this workshop is to teach you working with curves so that you can actually use them. You will create your own design for a T-shirt or bag print.

We will keep Mr Bezier busy while modifying our faces or creating mandalas. And when all that’s done, we’ll make our own colouring sheets. After the workshop, you’ll get some homework. Practice makes perfect!

In the skin of a graphic designer – advanced Inkscape

This course is only open for a few girls, so that we have enough room to try all that Inkscape has to offer. We will teach you to create vector images faster and more effectively. You will get to do things you never dreamt of. Ideally, you should go through the "Working the Vectors" course first, but if you’re bold enough, nobody will be stopping you.

Photo editing

Are there extra legs or arms in your holiday photos? Do you need to rename a ton of images? Brighten them up? Or simply adjust the colours? Let’s get to Photo Editing.

We will show you how to make good images awesome and how to help the not-so-good ones using computer software. Because no one wants the Eiffel tower all slanted and the Leaning Tower of Pisa upright.

What does an I’m an Original workshop look like?

Check out the video from Ostrava: