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Workshops and courses focused on SEO and social networks will show you what 21st century marketing is all about!


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Jana Modráčková

Jana Modráčková
Event participant: Úvod do online marketingu

Couches are patient and helpful.
I recommend this. You start from scratch and you have enough time to sort out your thoughts. Couches are patient and helpful. This is one of the best tutoring I've ever been to.

You will learn

  • how online searches work and their optimization
  • to understand how Facebook campaigns work
  • to creatively and strategically plan your FB and IG content
  • how to make your website successful in web searches

Workshops Content

Social Media - Facebook

Today, social media is booming and is fundemental in the lives of millenials. It's as if people who aren't on Facebook didn't exist at all. And since we're there, wouldn't it be great to have the skills to work with this network? :-) We put great emphasis on combining lectures with practise at our courses. You're certainly going to get a lot of opinions and recommendations :-)

We'll introduce you to the main principles of this social network and we'll show you everything from the very beginning so there's no need to worry. :-) We'll explain the difference between a personal and a business account, you'll learn various terminology, basic FB vocab and we'll show you all the available formats. You'll know the formats by their names and the way they look and you'll also create them all and play with them!

We also don't forget the importance of Facebook Insights, which will tell you a lot about how you're doing. We'll explain how this data may affect planning your future posts. We'll teach you what Business Manager is good for, we'll set it up together with you and teach you how to play with it. We'll also explain how different campaigns work and why it's so important to know them, and together we'll set up an ad!

Social Media - Instagram

Are you interested in Instagram? Do you want to know how to use this "photo" network and what for? How to entice a relevant target group or how the best brands and so-called influencers and bloggers work with this network? You should certainly try our course with Aki Votrubová!

We'll show you how large companies and popular brands manage their profiles, how to use the potential of successful bloggers and influencers, how to create content, how to get the attention of a relevant target groups and how to work with your account long-term to make it grow and continue to engage target groups. We'll go through various photographic styles and Instagram profile and photography visual tonality. We'll show you secret editing techniques of the best instagrammers and we'll also check out filters and how to use them correctly. The course also includes a practise (unless it's stated otherwise in the course description), where we'll take photos of various compositions and edit them using the techniques you just learned. We'll teach you how to work with Instagram Ads and how to measure Instagram.


SEO – browser optimization. In today's internet era web structure is very important for obtaining visitors and potential customers. Websites need to be configured in a way for its contents to be automatically processed in internet browsers and their contents to be attractive for the customers. SEO is a technique from which the customer and the website owner profits. During this course we will teach you how to edit your web or blog in a way for its contents and form to be more attractive to search.