Data is all around us and yet only 0.5 % of it is used for analysis! Come to our workshop, get your data-analysis basics and learn how to use data in everyday life.


Why to study with us?

Kateřina Hyská

Kateřina Hyská

Workshop doporučuji!
Dozvíte se o Wordpressu jako takovém. Jak provést instalaci, jak si zařídit doménu i hosting. Jak vytvářet jednoduše příspěvky. Ale co víc, dozvíte se, jak přistupovat k tvorbě webů, aby z toho všeho nebyl jen nečitelný guláš ;) Dozvíte se, kde se dál inspirovat a poradit, když si nevíte rady. Rozhodně doporučuji.

Workshops focus on the basics of data analysis, the technologies used and practical tips from data analysts. Together with experienced professionals, we will show you a simple and meaningful way of building dashboards, creating reports or cleansing and modifying data with SQL. All this in just one day, with follow-up workshops on SQL & databases, Power BI / Tableau visualization tools and Text analysis.

If you're thinking about signing up for Digital Academy: Data and don't know what to expect, try the DataGrils workshop. You'll get an idea of data analysis is and what it's good for.

You will learn


  • Intro to Business Intelligence and terminology
  • Data modelling
  • Data sources and their connection
  • ETL tools in practice
  • SQL in practice – basic functions, data cleaning
  • Visualisation and best practices in the following tools: Tableau, PowerBI or GoodData
  • What does a Data Analyst do

SQL and Databases

  • Basic orientation in databases
  • Data, tables, values, data types, primary and foreign keys, null
  • SQL: Syntax basics
  • Aggregation, logical, numerical and filtering functions
  • Work with data granularity
  • Table modifications

Text Analytics

A linguistic probe. Find out what are the practical uses of text analysis, how a natural language can be processed, how to extract names from a text, to analyze sentiments, categorize documents and detect their topics. For all this, we’ll find an open-source solution and we’ll also show you the Geneea API.

  • Why do it? The practical application of text analytics
  • Natural language processing - NLP – recognizing a language, extracting names from texts, sentiment analysis, document categorization and topic detection
  • API for text-processing: Open-source solutions, Geneea API
  • Showcase of a program using an API. We might even program something small in Python, depending on the participants and their preferences in application forms

Power BI / Tableau Visualization Tool

This one-day workshop will take you through the basics of working with a visualization tool (Power BI or Tableau), it will show you how it works with business data and the options for creating your own dashboard.

  • Theory for work with data
  • Basics of working with Power BI / Tableau: login, connecting source data, work with data in the tool, online presentation of outputs
  • Creating a dashboard: connecting source data, data presentation prep