Data is all around us and yet only 0.5 % of it is used for analysis! Come to our workshop, get your data-analysis basics and learn how to use data in everyday life.


Why to study with us?


Event participant: Czechitas New Generation

This camp exceeded my expectations.
It motivated me for a future job in IT!

Workshops focus on the basics of data analysis, the technologies used and practical tips from data analysts. Together with experienced professionals, we will show you a simple and meaningful way of building dashboards, creating reports or cleansing and modifying data with SQL. All this in just one day, with follow-up workshops on SQL & databases, Power BI / Tableau visualization tools and Text analysis.

If you're thinking about signing up for Digital Academy: Data and don't know what to expect, try the DataGrils workshop. You'll get an idea of data analysis is and what it's good for.

You will learn


  • Intro to Business Intelligence and terminology
  • Data modelling
  • Data sources and their connection
  • ETL tools in practice
  • SQL in practice – basic functions, data cleaning
  • Visualisation and best practices in the following tools: Tableau, PowerBI or GoodData
  • What does a Data Analyst do

SQL and Databases

  • Basic orientation in databases
  • Data, tables, values, data types, primary and foreign keys, null
  • SQL: Syntax basics
  • Aggregation, logical, numerical and filtering functions
  • Work with data granularity
  • Table modifications

Text Analytics

A linguistic probe. Find out what are the practical uses of text analysis, how a natural language can be processed, how to extract names from a text, to analyze sentiments, categorize documents and detect their topics. For all this, we’ll find an open-source solution and we’ll also show you the Geneea API.

  • Why do it? The practical application of text analytics
  • Natural language processing - NLP – recognizing a language, extracting names from texts, sentiment analysis, document categorization and topic detection
  • API for text-processing: Open-source solutions, Geneea API
  • Showcase of a program using an API. We might even program something small in Python, depending on the participants and their preferences in application forms

Power BI / Tableau Visualization Tool

This one-day workshop will take you through the basics of working with a visualization tool (Power BI or Tableau), it will show you how it works with business data and the options for creating your own dashboard.

  • Theory for work with data
  • Basics of working with Power BI / Tableau: login, connecting source data, work with data in the tool, online presentation of outputs
  • Creating a dashboard: connecting source data, data presentation prep