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Some discover IT as grownups, some already in elementary school. Explore information technologies with us and conquer the digital world. Join in!


Why to study with us?

Kristina Mezereková

Kristina Mezereková
Event participant: I build websites

The seminars are tailored perfectly.
Czechitas are a great possibility for girls to meet IT and had not yet the courage to do so. The seminars are tailored perfectly, themes are practical and useful, lecturers cool and everything is interactive with couches around to help you.

Programming courses for school and home, boys and girls

IT is fun and we know it. It is also a part of our everyday life and our future. But how to get into it? 

It’s easy – just join us. Attend a workshop, join our summer school or learn from home.

The goal of these simple and fun courses is to show you that IT is not just about programming. And that programming itself is cool. What you learn will come in handy when looking for a job or starting your own business.

And what’s more – this is not just for girls but for everyone aged 8 to 26!


Why explore digital skills?

IT is essential for most professions and familiarity with text and spreadsheet editors is a basic requirement when applying for a job. More complex skills like programming or database handling will soon be as important as fluency in foreign languages. These so-called 21st century skills will make you stand out in the crowd.

According to the EU committee, Europe will be short of up to 900 thousand IT specialists in the next few years. This is a great chance, so grab it with us.

Where and how to start?

Enter the world of IT with us, the way that suits you best:

Do you want to try it at home, on your own or with your parents?

Download KODU tutorial for teachers and parents (in Czech!). 

You can also try the e-learning courses thanks to which you will learn the basics of coding and programming from the comforts of your own home. The courses will be adding up – C#, HTML, CSS and the basics of Graphics.

Want to kill some time waiting for new courses ? Meet with the tutorials: Academy of programming (e-learning) or Hour of Code.

Do you prefer company?

Právě pro tebe jsou určené akce, které v kalendáři označujeme Czechitas Nová Generace. Během roku se můžeš těšit na víkendové kempy plné programování a robotiky, v létě pak na příměstské tábory nebo Letní školu IT pro holky.

I want to know more about it

Chci zapojit celou třídu

Nabídni paní učitelce/panu učiteli projekt Akademie programování. Každá škola se může přihlásit přímo na stránkách Akademie programování. Tam taky najdeš podrobnější informace.

Absolvovala jsem Letní školu IT

Máme pro Tebe rozvojový program Rostu s Czechitas. Všechny detaily k programu brzy najdeš na stránkách Rostu s Czechitas.

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