Czechitas New Generation

Some discover IT as grownups, some already in elementary school. Explore information technologies with us and conquer the digital world. Join in!


Why to study with us?

Petr Rys

Petr Rys
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The best children were able create 2 quality games
The biggest contribution of this project as I see it is that most of the students learned there are other things to do at ICT and the for the result to be good a lot of work is required. The best children were able after 10 lectures create 2 quality games and started working on 3 others. The Academy of Coding got me working and also average support material for students.

Programming courses for school and home, boys and girls

IT is fun and we know it. It is also a part of our everyday life and our future. But how to get into it? 

It’s easy – just join us. Attend a workshop, join our summer school or learn from home.

The goal of these simple and fun courses is to show you that IT is not just about programming. And that programming itself is cool. What you learn will come in handy when looking for a job or starting your own business.

And what’s more – this is not just for girls but for everyone aged 8 to 26!


Why explore digital skills?

IT is essential for most professions and familiarity with text and spreadsheet editors is a basic requirement when applying for a job. More complex skills like programming or database handling will soon be as important as fluency in foreign languages. These so-called 21st century skills will make you stand out in the crowd.

According to the EU committee, Europe will be short of up to 900 thousand IT specialists in the next few years. This is a great chance, so grab it with us.

Where and how to start?

Enter the world of IT with us, the way that suits you best:

I want to try it at home, on my own or with my parents

KODU Tips and Tricks for teachers ans parents are also available for download (in Czech only!). 

Our new home-study materials will soon be available for download. These will help you explore information technologies. From January 2018 on, we will add more and more. In the meantime, check Coding at home or Hour of Code.

I prefer company

Then the Czechitas New Generation events in our calendar are just the thing for you. You can look forward to weekend camps full of programming and robotics during the school year. In the summer, there will be day camps or the IT Summer school for girls.

(Just a friendly warning in advance – all the courses are held in Czech.)

I want to know more

I want my whole class to join

Tell your teacher about the Academy of programming. Every school can join on the dedicated website. You will also find more detailed information there.

Koduju 161

I finished IT Summer school

We have a follow-up program for you, I grow with Czechitas. More information about the program will soon be available on the dedicated website.