Community Events

Events supported by Czechitas. Discover more amazing IT opportunities and learn about new topics and technologies that are not covered by our workshops yet. All this is organized by our coaches, fans or friends.


Why to study with us?

Andrea Pernicová

Andrea Pernicová
Event participant: Other

The course exceeded my expectations.
The course exceeded my expectations. I was afraid that the beginning will be boring because of the beginner stuff but the opposite was truth. The course was packed with interesting info from the start that will help me with the data processing of my thesis.

Community events are our way of getting more interesting IT workshops and lectures to the members of the Czechitas community. These are not organized by Czechitas but have our full support.

Community events encourage people to study even more topics and amazing technologies that we have not found the time yet to cover in our regular schedule but which caught our attention and we wish to promote them within our community.

Who can organize a community event and ask Czechitas for support?

  • Members of our community who know the format of our events

  • Lecturers and coaches

  • Individuals or groups of individuals not representing any legal subject, who wish to share their passion for a particular technology

What are the benefits of Czechitas community events?

We will be happy to help you promote your event using one of our channels, reaching thousands of fans.

  • Czechitas alumni group on Facebook - a group for participants of our workshops

  • Czechitas website - Our Calendar section has a special “Community events” label

We want to support events that caught our attention and got us hooked!

Community event terms and conditions:

  • The content of the event is appropriate for the Czechitas community knowledge level (i.e. rather for beginners) and covers an IT-related topic in an intelligible and interactive way.

  • The event is not tied to a company, an agency or a school.

  • There is no commercial promotion involved, be it recruitment or product promotion. Leave your logo pens, roll-ups and flyers at home please. If the event is hosted by a sponsor, a thank you is of course welcome. :)

  • Czechitas are not responsible for the event organisation, location, registrations, the event itself or the feedback afterwards.

  • Free or symbolic admission charge is mandatory (no more than CZK50/hr). The event should not generate profit (i.e. the admission fee should only cover the costs – the lecturers’ pay, printing costs etc.)

  • In case of larger events with sponsor support, the business communication with the sponsors does not concern Czechitas and our partners.

Commercial events:

We’ll happily share/help in promoting a workshop or event organized by a company or other commercial subject on a topic related to the mission of Czechitas. If you’re interested in cooperation regarding a commercial event, get in touch