IT Summer school

IT Summers school for all the girls from highs schools. During one week we will teach you the basics of web development, programming and graphic design. IT is not just for boys. Try IT with us!


Why to study with us?


Event participant: I am digital

Useful tips with personal experience.
If you are new to the social sites marketing and don't know where to begin this is a place for you. Useful tips with personal experience.

Week of programming, coding and graphic design.

Are you thinking like what I should do after high school? Take it in your own hands, join our IT summer school and together we will rule the world of IT. Its not just for boys. Really.

During one weak at Summer school you will learn:

  • How to create website using HTML and CSS
  • How to work with vector curves and graphical software
  • Basics of web programming
Are you a beginner in HTML and CSS? Don´t worry. You will get to know those during the week.

What else is in store ?

In practice you can try a whole bunch of technologies. In past years we played with LEGO robots or with Arduino.

You will take a look where it lives with IT and to the space of our partners in the field.

In this course you will get to know many interesting people that will allow you to look behind the curtain of the actual process in IT companies or small firms. In recent years we welcomed a Skype developer or the representatives of Microsoft or IBM.

Do you want to know more?

Take a tour of the Summer School webpage, where you can find schedules and pictures of recent years.


How it worked in the last IT Summer schools? Check the videos and get carried away with the atmosphere