Czechitas in the news

We would like to thank all the media that decided to support women in tech by publishing articles, audio or video about Czechitas and our projects. In the posts below, we present some of the articles where you can read about us. Let's spread the word and talk about tech as a great place for all, including women.

Media Planet | Dita Přikrylová: If you want to change something in your life, you must step out of your comfort zone.

What benefits brings IT job for women? What post is suitable? The answers of Dita could help you. Read the article!

READ THE ARTICLE | Should the programming be taught in Czech schools? Kovy questioned a woman, who is changing Czech republic.

Dita was a guest on the show "V centru", moderated by the famous Czech youtuber called Kovy.

READ THE ARTICLE | We want to educate children as developers not only users

Dita informed about a new project called Czechitas Nová generace on the website To whom does the new project target and what is its key idea? Read the whole text.


ČT Ostrava | Suburban camp Ostrava

Watch the news report of Czech television about our IT suburban camp in Ostrava!

WATCH THE VIDEO | There are not a lot of women in IT. A institution in Brno wants to change that!

Idnes questioned Monika Ptáčníková about Czechitas and plans in the future. What is happening in Czechitas Brno and what you can look forward to? Read the article!

READ THE ARTICLE | There are situations when school will not help.? The craziest things from sex education and other subjects.

Our education system still does not give enough attention to IT, that is why new organisations are being created and their main goal is to change that. One of them is Czechitas. See what Czechitas does and what other organisations exist. Read the article!


Meltingpot Global Stage, Colours of Ostrava | Taťána le Moigne, Dita Přikrylová, Ivo Vondrák - Job in the technology field, why should YOU be interested?

Watch the video record of the discussion form Colours of Ostrava with Dita and other participants.

WATCH THE VIDEO | Czech eduation will not prepare your children for the future, these project might.

Which project will teach your children how to programme? Not only Czechitas New Generation, but also MakeItToday and more. Find out in the article

READ THE ARTICLE | From the cook to the programming after fourty.

Beautiful story about Jana Makovcova about programming. You will read about Google course and Java.

READ THE ARTICLE | Aneta Stastna: Boys tresure us on Matfyz.

Aneta won this years competion of the best bachelor thesis. Read the interesting article about her study on Matfyz, thesis and about Czechitas.

READ THE ARTICLE | Monika Ptacnikova

Monika Ptacnikova from Czechitas is the graduate of Faculty of Economics and Management. Editors of university web page questioned her. See the article below.

READ THE ARTICLE | The IT conference called "ucIT jinak".

Read the blog about the ucIT jinak conference written by one of the participants. Pavla Randakova from Czechitas, who presented there, is mentioned.

READ THE ARTICLE | The SGDs 2018: Vote for the best Czech project, which makes the world to be better place

CSGDs nominates the best companies, non-profit organisations and public organisations. One of the nominees became Czechitas. Read all about it down below!

READ THE ARTICLE | Who says that IT is just for boys?

The article about the life of Dita Prikrylova and about the success of Czechitas on international field.

READ THE ARTICLE | A woman and IT? IT is not a field of work just for men, but the society leads girls to that conclusion.

What is the actual situation in IT education for girls in Czech republic? See for yourself in the article!