Czechitas in the news

We would like to thank all the media that decided to support women in tech by publishing articles, audio or video about Czechitas and our projects. In the posts below, we present some of the articles where you can read about us. Let's spread the word and talk about tech as a great place for all, including women. | Dita Přikrylová from Czechitas: We are going to open the very first Czechitas House and more.

Read about Czechitas House opening and what comes next. For were interviewed Dita and Lenka.


ČRo Plus | Přikrylová from Czechitas: this year we will teach ten thousand people.

The next part of podcast called Dataři was about programming and our guest was Dita Přikrylová. Listen to it and learn what Czechitas plans are.

WATCH THE VIDEO | NNO Czechitas got 5,5 mil from Google foundation. Two-thirds of DA participants get job in IT after the course.

We managed to get funds from Google foundation. What is ahead of us?

READ THE ARTICLE | Profico has 8 newbies and several other clients.

The graduate of our courses had an intership and after that stayed as the programmer. Congratulations!

READ THE ARTICLE | The big overview: 100 graduates were awarded.

Dita Přikrylová was one of the awarded graduates of the Masaryk university.

READ THE ARTICLE | Technologies change the position of women in job maket.

The international conference called Women in 4.0. happened in June at the Masaryk university.

READ THE ARTICLE | The mayor Stránská awarded companies and organisations which care and support the society in Jihočeský district

Czechitas placed second in category of Organisations benefitial to public in Jihočeský district.

READ THE ARTICLE | From the ballet dancer to the programmer. Chatbot created by sixteen years old girl from Havlíčkův Brod helps to the doctors.

High school student programmed chatbot during the summer break, which helps to patients. Read the whole interesting story on

READ THE ARTICLE | The second year of Women in Tech is here.

Czechitas in cooperaiton with organised the second yeat of Women in Tech. Who could you see on the stage?


Živě.cz | Girls and computers! See for yourself that it belogns. Today is IT girls day.

The mention about Czechitas on the occasion of the International girls day.

READ THE ARTICLE | Czechitas Girls Day in Ostrava

Czechitas Girls Day took place in april on VŠB-TU. What the participants could experience there?

READ THE ARTICLE | Czechitas got the biggest non-financial donation ever, Czechitas House in Brno is about to open soon!

How is going Czechitas House to look like and what can we look forward to?

READ THE ARTICLE | Do you know these 5 women? They are heroes of this time.

The article about interesting czech women, and among those is also Dita Přikrylová.

READ THE ARTICLE | With the meaningful job as partner, says Dita Přikrylová in the podcast

Listen to Czechitas podcast with Dita Přikrylová about the need of IT skills in nowaday world, education and job.

WATCH THE VIDEO | The book, which brings us joy. Meet the great women from the small country.

Get familiar with the story of Dita Přikrylová, and also 32 other women, who became remarkable.