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Ivana Mrážiková

Ivana Mrážiková
Event participant: DataGirls

I can absolutely recommend!
This was my first time with Czechitas. I was surprised. It was awesome :)

SQL in English

In this course, you’ll make your first steps with relational databases and SQL. At the end of the course, you’ll be able to design your own database tables, store the data in them, and read it in various ways.




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Total lessons: 0

Single lesson duration: 2h

Level of knowledge: Absolute Beginners

Eventy type: Periodic

Price: 2990 Kč

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This course is meant for complete beginners who never encountered databases and SQL before. You will not require any prior knowledge neigher with the databases, nor with any programming language. If you have interest in data and aren’t scared, for example, of Excel tables, the chances are you will enjoy it!


Working with data is essential for any business nowadays. That data is usually stored in special storages called "databases" that are designed to be fast and reliable even when handling enormous amounts of data.

In this course, you’ll get familiar with the relational databases which are the classical and still, probably, the most widespread database type. We’ll go step by step through the basics: will create our own tables, fill them with data, connect those tables together and learn a few ways how to extract necessary information from those tables.

You will learn that SQL is a special language for describing what data you want to extract. While it might sound complicated, the students’ experience shows that learning SQL is much easier than a programming language.

We’ll have a lot of hands-on exercises during the lectures plus optional homeworks for those who’d like to learn more on their own.

The full course will happen online.


What you need to successfully follow the course:

  • Your laptop or PC. Having the second screen can be an advantage.
  • Install the required software. The installation instructions will be shared a week before the course.
  • The only stupid question is the one that hasn’t been asked. Don’t be shy and clarify everything!
  • Relational databases: what they are and what you can do with them
  • Database tables: columns, data types, primary keys
  • Connecting tables with each other: foreign keys, table relationships
  • Working with data: adding, modifying, deleting
  • SELECT queries: basic structure and use of various comparison operators
  • Joins: how to select data from multiple tables
  • Aggregate functions: getting maximum, minimum, average
  • Subqueries: when one query is not enough

At the end of the course you will have basic knowledge of databases and SQL. Whether you decide to continue learning data analysis, or programming, or, perhaps, become a business analyst or a project manager, this knowledge will be useful.