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Radka Fišarová

Radka Fišarová
Event participant: I can code

I can't wait to Java intensive course.
Everyone told me that Java is extremely hard, but this course showed me that fear was pointless.

Java 1 - Object oriented programming basics

In this course, we’ll create small desktop applications using Java Swing framework. While doing so, you’ll learn the basics of object-oriented programming and understand how to create your own objects.


22. September — 8. December 2020
18:30 — 20:30


Senovážné náměstí 978/23
Praha 1, 110 00
Czech Republic

More information

Total lessons: 12

Single lesson duration: 2h

Level of knowledge: Advanced Beginners

Eventy type: Long-term

Price: 4 990 Kč

Date of single lessons

22. Sep. 2020 / 29. Sep. 2020 / 6. Oct. 2020 / 13. Oct. 2020 / 20. Oct. 2020 / 27. Oct. 2020 / 3. Nov. 2020 / 10. Nov. 2020 / 17. Nov. 2020 / 24. Nov. 2020 / 1. Dec. 2020 / 8. Dec. 2020


This course is for those students who have recently started to learn programming and already got familiar with the basic programming concepts: variables, if conditions, loops and methods. You might not be an expert in using them, but you know, for example, that texts are stored in Strings, a for loop has a counter, and a method’s local variables aren’t visible to other methods.

If you’ve learned the programming basics in a different programming language than Java, but aren’t afraid to adjust to different syntax, you’re welcome to join the course.


This Java programming language sees the whole world full of objects. Objects have some properties and perform actions. You can have funny objects such as drawing turtles who keep properties like pen color and line width and perform actions like drawing. You can also have very serious and complicated objects such as an employee salary calculator that keeps properties like applicable taxes and insurance rates and performs actions like... well, salary calculation.

In this course, you’ll learn how to design objects for your application’s purposes. For that, we’ll create several small desktop applications using Java Swing framework. You’ll get a grasp on the Swing’s visual elements: input fields, buttons, checkboxes, radio buttons, drop-down lists, etc. You’ll also learn how to make the application react to different events triggered by your app’s users: keyboard inputs, mouse clicks, radio button selection, and more.

The whole course is planned to be hands-on, with a lot of classroom exercises and optional homeworks for those who would like to learn more at home.


What you need to successfully follow the course:

  • Bring your own laptop, mouse and charger.
  • Install the required software. The installation instructions will be shared a week before the course.
  • Be ready to ask a lot of questions.
  • Building desktop applications with WindowBuilder
  • Visual elements: buttons, input fields, checkboxes, etc.
  • Listening to the events
  • Difference between a class and an object
  • Class fields, getters and setters
  • Instantiating objects with constructors
  • Interfaces and their implementations
  • Working with collections

At the end of the course you will have:

  1. gained better understanding of objects in Java
  2. written a few small desktop applications
  3. made one step more towards becoming a programmer!

Registration will be possible from 22nd August until the capacity of the course is fulfilled (including back-ups). After that, it will not be possible to register anymore, so please do not hesite sending your application. If there are more applicants, we will choose the participants according to their motivation. If you are interested in the course, you can leave us your email in "Let me know" form and we will contact you as soon as we open the registration.

The organization reserves the right to change and edit the venue, the date of the event, the lecturer or the non-opening of the course without previous notice.