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Radka Fišarová

Radka Fišarová
Event participant: I can code

I can't wait to Java intensive course.
Everyone told me that Java is extremely hard, but this course showed me that fear was pointless.

Introduction to programming with Java flavour

The purpose of this course is to introduce everyone who has never written a line of code to the awesome world of programming. We will start from the very basics and slowly build your skills to write very simple Java programs.


3. March 2020

18:30 — 20:30


Na Pankráci 129
Praha, 140 00
Czech Republic

More information

Total duration: 2h

Level of knowledge: Absolute Beginners

Eventy type: Periodic

Price: 4990 Kč


This course is for complete beginners who have never tried programming. We’ll learn the general programming concepts that can be used not only with Java, but with any other programming languages.

The course is perfect for you if:

  • You never tried programming before or your attempt wasn’t successful.
  • You like learning slowly, through multiple repetitions and exercises on the same topic.
  • You want to learn programming basics in general, not a specific topic related to Java or OOP.
  • Your English is good enough to be able to understand the lecture and ask questions.

Attention: students with prior programming experience may find this course too slow and simple. If you have any doubts whether you’re too experienced for the course, please contact the lecturer.


This 10-week course is open for all beginners in programming. Whether you are just curious about what programming is or you’re making your first step towards becoming a software developer in the future, this course is for you.

During the course, we’ll take a look into how a computer executes your commands, what are variables, conditions, loops, arrays and methods and how to use them all to build something useful. It doesn’t take long to explain these concepts, but it takes way more effort to learn how to use them for solving real problems. That’s why our course is mainly hands-on: you’ll do a lot of exercises, together with the lecturer and on your own.

Although we’ll be using the Java programming language, the course won’t be focusing on Java-specific features or object-oriented programming. All the concepts covered in this course can be later used in any other popular programming language.

Every week, you’ll get an optional homework based on the lecture material. You can get the teacher’s feedback and some assistance in case you’re stuck during the week. The course completion doesn’t depend on homeworks, but the experience shows that those students who do their homeworks understand programming much better, so we highly recommend doing that.

If you follow all the lectures and do your homeworks, you’ll build a good foundation for any future course that requires understanding of programming basics.

The course is taught in English but our coaches do normally speak also Czech, so you do not have to worry when you do not understand something. :-)

Registration will be open on 3rd February and will be closed when the capacity of the course is fullfilled. In case of many applicants, the participants will be chosen according to their motivation. One week after the registration is closed, the applicants will be informed about the results.

  • Bring your personal laptop, a charger and a mouse
  • Be ready to learn new things, ask plenty of questions and write a lot of code (and not let failures upset you!)
  • General ideas: what “programming” means and how you make computer do what you want it to do.
  • Methods: how you execute a command, pass parameters and return a value.
  • Variables: where you keep your program’s data, when you use different data types and what you can do with them.
  • Conditions: how you run certain commands only when some condition is true or false.
  • Loops: how you repeat the same action over and over again without copy-paste.
  • Arrays: what you do when you have a lot of variables of the same type.