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Pavlína Šmajzrová

Pavlína Šmajzrová
Event participant: Graphic Design

I don't have to call graphic designer anymore.
Inkscape workshop was awesome. We went through basics, learnt a lot of new stuff, for example how to draw a character. It will certainly help me in future. I don't have to call graphic designer anymore :D

Introduction to UX

Come to learn basic theoretical and practical skills a UX (User eXperience) designer needs to have.


3. November 2019

9:30 — 17:30


Czechitas Brno
Škrobárenská 511/3
budova A2
Brno, 602 00
Czech Republic

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Total duration: 8h

Level of knowledge: Absolute Beginners

Eventy type: One-day

Price: 500 Kč


The workshop is aimed at complete beginners. All you need is a desire to learn, work in a team, be creative and have an open mind.


User experience design is often incorrectly understood as a simple web page or mobile application layout. However, the goal of UX design is more complex - you want your user or customer to have a smooth, uninterrupted, even delightful experience navigating and using your app. In this hands-on workshop, we will explain and try some basic methods of how a UX designer works when designing a digital or physical product, a feature or a service. We will do research, draft out the requirements and information structure, do some sketching and creating and testing of prototypes. Leave your computers at home, we will work with a pen, paper and the results of your research, which are a designer’s most important tools.


The workshop is aimed at beginners who are curious, enthusiastic and who aren’t afraid to communicate. The workshop will be very hands-on. Throughout the whole day, you will work with a team of other curious and enthusiastic people, defining a problem and then creating a solution. No computers.

  • Intro to the world of design
  • Design process - discovering the problem
  • Design process - discovering the solution
  • How to become a designer
  • Basic understanding of UX, UI, design process
  • Overview of methods and tools
  • Experience with research and research interview
  • Experience with designing and testing of prototypes