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Kateřina Hiclová

Kateřina Hiclová
Event participant: I can code

One is certain, try it and see!
The power of enthusiasm is catching. All you need is just that :)

Introduction to programming 1 - Java

Are you interested in learning to program? Do you want to know how your favourite apps are written? Would you like to create your own first small computer programs?

This workshop aims to explain basic programming concepts. During this session, you will learn the main building blocks of a program: functions, variables, conditions and loops. You will see how all of them work together in one of the most popular programming languages, Java.


23. November 2019

9:30 — 16:30


Czechitas Brno
Škrobárenská 511/3
budova A2
Brno, 602 00
Czech Republic

More information

Total duration: 7h

Level of knowledge: Absolute Beginners

Eventy type: One-day

Price: 500 Kč


This workshop is for people who want to have their first experience with software development. No prior exposure to programming is necesary. The only condition is that you are familiar with you computer as a user. (You can extract or create a zip archive. You don’t confuse a zip archive for a folder. You are familiar with a text editor other then Notepad or Word. You know what C:\Users, /Users or /home folder on your computer is.)


All programs are written using basic constructs: functions, variables, conditions and loops. We will show you how to use them individualy and how combining them leads to writing a real program.

The goal of the workshop is not for you to become a developer. That would need a lot more time. We hope to plant the seeds of interest in programming and give you a starting point for further study.

This workshop will be taught by English.


No programming experience is needed. You just have to bring your laptop (Windows or Mac), a mouse and a charger. We will send you instructions about the software installation a couple of days prior to the workshop.

  1. Understand the main basics of computer algorithmics.
  2. Get a first experience with a programming language (Java).
  3. Find out if you like programming or not.