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Why choose our course?


Each of us produces a lot of data every day: we write Facebook posts, purchase stuff online, register ourselves for Czechitas courses... This data is stored in databases, and in this workshop we’ll look into one database type: relational databases.


19. October 2019

9:30 — 17:30


Radlická 180/50
Praha, 15000
Czech Republic

More information

Total duration: 8h

Level of knowledge: Absolute Beginners

Eventy type: One-day

Price: 990 Kč


This is a complete beginner level workshop, where we’re going to slowly explore why databases are needed, what a relational database is and how to use it to store and retrieve your data.

There is no limitation for who can participate: databases are useful for anyone and easy to master! No prior knowledge is required.

The workshop is taught in English so the participants should be able to understand and communicate in English.


Databases are used by nearly everyone: programmers, data scientists, business analysts, business owners. Many professionals from non-IT areas still require at least a basic understanding of how data is stored and how it can be retrieved from a database using SQL.

Have you ever wondered how your favourite bank stores the account and transaction information? Where your company’s HR department keeps the employee data? How an online store knows what items they have in stock and which of them were purchased by you yesterday? That’s what databases are used for.

Relational databases we’ll be talking about at the workshop are, perhaps, the most popular database type. You’ll see how database tables are organized and how two tables can be connected, and write your first SQL queries to insert, update, delete, and select table data.

After the workshop, you will have a good understanding of basic concepts and will be able to continue enhancing your knowledge in another online or offline course.

  • Bring your personal laptop, a charger and a mouse
  • Be curious about data, ready to learn new things and ask plenty of questions!
  • Introduction to relational databases: why databases are needed and how relational databases are organized
  • All about tables: columns, data types, primary keys
  • Tables can also have relationships: one-to-many relationship and foreign keys
  • Time to fill tables with data: first SQL statement to insert new records.
  • Check that your data is there: selecting records from a table
  • What is you made a mistake: updating and deleting data
  • Reading data from multiple tables: various types of join and how to use them