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Holidays are mid way through, meaning that suburban camps for children are over, summer schools for high school girls ahead.
And we are preparing for Autumn full of events - read about the continuation of the Digital Academy, long-term events or what to look forward to from a new educational center in Brno.

List of open registrations


České Budějovice

Mladá Boleslav




Last vacancies at Summer school in Ostrava

This Sunday starts the IT Summer school for high school girls in Ostrava and we have last few vacancies left. For the first time in Ostrava and according to the schedule there will be no time to dawdle: We will make a dancing life-size robot, learn to edit a profile photo, go to a planetarium, or learn about Ostrava as a supercomputer superpower. There will also be a voluntary morning run or acrobatic scarf exercise (don't worry, just the basics :)), a Microsoft barbecue or a team game in the center of Ostrava.
Lucka and Eliška did it a few years ago and it changed their lives :)

The Digital Academy starts again in the Autumn

If you're thinking about an intensive course for data analysis or web development, then our digital academy starts again in the Autumn! In Prague we can already congratulate all accepted girls but for „Data in Ostrava“ and „Web in Brno“ registrations are still open for a few days. Use this opportunity.
Still undecided? Take a look at a video from last time where girls will definitely motivate you and take the first step into IT.

More than 10 long-term courses start also in Autumn

If the one day workshop is not enough for you (or you've already passed it out), but the Digital Acasemy is intensive then the long-term couses are good compromise. About ten weeks, two hours in the evening after work. You can do that, right? :)

Start in September or October and by Christmas you will know the basic of Java or HTML.
Brno: registration from August 19th
České Budějovice: registration already opened
Olomouc: registration from August 12th
Praha: registration from August 12th

Czechitas educational community center in Brno

Still being worked on by electricians, masons and other workers, but already on September 7th there will be the first event – Czechitas Job Fair, come if you are looking for work in IT or just monitor the labor market :)

From September all our courses will be only there.

And at the end, from September 30th, a week "Explore new possibilities" is waiting for you. We will show you the new place, there will be lectures, activites for children, women and men or just come and enjoy a great coffee in the cafe Punkt. Our new center is really for everyone, all comunity and those who don't know us yet.

We have a new online course on JavaScript

If you don't get to our courses, or prefer to educate yourself online, then we have the new JavaScript course that you will teach you to make your website „dance“. A total of 10 lessons await you.
Take a look at other online courses that will interest you.

Thank you, to our partner Avast

We are pleased to be supported by Avast. Avast in turn support its employees who strive to have a chance at a work-life balance. This is thanks to MomsCare, who are two mothers, Hanka and Zuzka, who build a career and need time for their hobbies in addition to being  „moms“. Avast employees have services directly in their workplaces, where parents can take their children to work, children can spend their day in kids-corners and can spend more time with their parents as well during lunch or take a massage as well as go to the gym without commuting stress. All that because Hanka and Zuzka are convinced that in order for a person to work well, they need to live well. 

More than 100 children enjoyed suburban camps

The last camp ended last Friday. More than a hundred children enjoyed camps in Brno, České Budějovice, Olomouc and two in Prague. In addition to classic robots, ozobots, a historical window, or programming their own games, children  in České Budějovice learned with microbits and about first aid.

We are very happy that kids were excited and are coming back after a year, so we are already thinking to organize „more advanced“ camp or a camp for older children next year.

And here are the fresh impressions from the children:
"The best IT camp in the world."
"I would definitely like to come here again. You taught me more than in our school of computer science. Thanks. "
"What was the best? Making a track for ozobots. "

Take a look with your own eyes, how was it in Brno, v České Budějovice or Prague

Have a wonderful day!

Adél from Czechitas

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