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Zuzka Kašáková

Zuzka Kašáková
Účastnice akce: Programuju

Budu Vás sledovat dále, je skvělé, co pro holky děláte!
I když jsem se už začátky Pythonu prokousávala sama doma, workshop mě nabil další energií v tomto pokračovat. Super byly taktéž rady, odkud čerpat další informace. Nenapadá mě nic, co by bylo třeba vylepšovat. Budu Vás sledovat dále, je skvělé, co pro holky děláte!

Czechitas Coding Club

Ever asked yourself after taking another awesome programming course at Czechitas: "I learned some new programming concepts, now what?"


pondělí, 27 března, 2017


PP Praha
Dělnická 43
Praha 7, 170 00
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Začátek: 6:00odp.

Délka trvání: 2h

Cena: Zdarma

There's a simple answer to this question: now you should apply your knowledge in a real-world project. The only way how to learn programming is by having hands-on experience. Making real things and facing real challenges.

Easy to say, but so hard to do, right? That's where more questions pop up:

What kind of program can I make with my limited knowledge? How do I find out what skills I'm missing? What shall I do when I'm stuck with some issue? How can I tell that what I'm doing is good? How do I motivate myself to work on my project regularly?

What if you could have someone more experienced that could take a look at your code, explain your mistakes, show you new tools and approaches, guide you on the way and ask you about your progress? Do you think it would be easier to try something out, to take on new challenges?

If your think it would, come and join the Czechitas Coding Club (Programming meetup). We are planning regular sessions every second Monday. At the sessions, we will have a short presentation of some interesting topic, free time to work on your own program or participate in a common project and some mentors to help you out with the stumbling blocks on your way.