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Introduction to Android development

During this course you’ll find out what how to create a simple Android app, You will understand how Android works and you will be able to make some simple apps on your own.


1. prosince 2019

9:30 — 17:30


Radlická 180/50
Praha, 15000
Česká republika

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Délka trvání: 8h

Vstupní znalosti: Pokročilí začátečníci

Typ akce: Jednodenní

Cena: 800

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The course is intended for applicant with basic knowledge of Java language. It is important to know what is variable, cycle, condition, object and class. Knowledge of XML language is nice to have. The workshop will be taught in English so beeing able to communicate and understand in English is a must.


Mobile phone is part of our lives. It can help you with your work, remind important information or just make you happy. That and more can offer you Android platform, and its applications. And don't you think it would be great if you could make these applications on your own?

Android is most used mobile platform in the world. And apps for Android are developed in Java or Kotlin. We will take a look how to do Android apps in Java during this workshop.

Come and learn how to do basic apps for Android!

During this course we will focus on object oriented programing, basic components of Android Apps (Activities, Intents, layouts, manifest) and also on structure of project and building your app project via build system Gradle.


Workshop is intended for applicant with knowledge of Java language. It is necessary to have a laptop with pre-installed Android Studio (version 3.2.0 a higher) and Android smartphone, a cable to connect it with your laptop or laptop good enough(+8GB RAM) to handle Android emulator. Please download Android studio at home and launch it. All needed libraries will download automatically (it will take few GB) and have some free space on your hard drive (5GB+). We will send you the installation instructions before the workshop.

  • Introduction to Object Programing language and Android Studio
  • Architecture of Android application
  • Development of Android application